New York 1812 U.S. House of Representatives, District 15

U.S. House of Representatives (Federal)
U.S. Congressman
New York 1812 U.S. House of Representatives, District 15
New York
First Ballot
U.S. House of Representatives/U.S. Congressman
Joel Thompson, William Dowse, Robert Rosebloom, Amos Patterson, Arunah Metcalf, Jonathan Roseboom, Francis Henry, Tom Skinner, Joel Dowse, James Patterson, Robert Patterson, William M. Price, Stephen O. Runyon, Nathaniel Waldron
Candidates: Joel Thompson[1]William Dowse[2]Robert RosebloomAmos PattersonArunah MetcalfJonathan RoseboomFrancis HenryTom SkinnerJoel DowseJames PattersonRobert PattersonWilliam M. PriceStephen O. RunyonNathaniel Waldron
Final Result: [3]44794417394339175411111111
District of Fifteen44794417394339175411111111
Broome County[4][5][6]644641393389-411------
Town of Berkshire85831615----------
Town of Chenango1681682224----------
Town of Lisle105105153153----------
Town of Tioga18186766----------
Town of Union84845455----------
Town of Windsor1841837976----------
Chenango County[7]1114110011611151----111111
Otsego County[8]27212676238923765---------


[3]The Broome County Patriot (Binghamton, NY) lists Joel Thompson and William Dowse as candidates of the Peace Ticket and Robert Roseboom and Amos Patterson as candidates of the War Ticket.
[4]Jonathan Roseboom received 1 vote as Jonathan Bosaboom.
[5]Robert Roseboom received 2 votes as Judge Roseboom.
[6]The Official Canvass for votes for Congress in Broome County reported Robert Roseboom with 396 votes. However, the votes by town reported in The Broome County Patriot (Binghamton, NY) gives a total of 391 votes for Robert Roseboom. It is likely that when transcribing county returns to the Official Canvass, the figure for Robert Roseboom in Lisle town was incorrectly recorded as 158, instead of 153.
[7]Joel Thompson received 1 vote as Joel Thomas.
[8]Amos Patterson received 1 vote as Patterson Amos.


Tioga Town Records.
The Broome County Patriot (Binghamton, NY). January 5, 1813.
The Albany Register (Albany, NY) (Supplement). January 26, 1813.

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