New York 1806 U.S. House of Representatives, District 16

U.S. House of Representatives (Federal)
U.S. Congressman
New York 1806 U.S. House of Representatives, District 16
New York
First Ballot
U.S. House of Representatives/U.S. Congressman
Reuben Humphreys, Thaddeus M. Wood, John Cantine, Uri Tracy, Ebenezer Butler, Jr., Cornelius Humprhrey, John MacWhorter, John Parris, John Ballard, Dan Bradley, Erastus Cleveland, Asa Danforth, Guy Humphrey, William Kirkpatrick, John Miller, Stephen Arnel, John J. Auckmody, Jonathan Brownell, Platt Brush, Anson Cary, Zachariah Cutting, John Goodale, Josiah Hacket, William Humphrey, John Jayne, Vincent Matthew, George Moury, William H. Sabin, Joseph Simons, Jonas Spafford
Candidates: Reuben Humphreys[1]Thaddeus M. WoodJohn CantineUri TracyEbenezer Butler, Jr.Cornelius HumprhreyJohn MacWhorterJohn ParrisJohn BallardDan BradleyErastus ClevelandAsa DanforthGuy HumphreyWilliam KirkpatrickJohn MillerStephen ArnelJohn J. AuckmodyJonathan BrownellPlatt BrushAnson CaryZachariah CuttingJohn GoodaleJosiah HacketWilliam HumphreyJohn JayneVincent MatthewGeorge MouryWilliam H. SabinJoseph SimonsJonas Spafford
Final Result: 330931311910166432222222111111111111111
District of Sixteen330931311910166432222222111111111111111
Chenango County[2][3][4][5]74697-9-5--1------1-111-111-11-11
Town of Brookfield------------------------------
Town of Cazenovia------------------------------
Town of Coventry42-----------------------------
Town of De Ruyter------------------------------
Town of Greene------------------------------
Town of Hamilton------------------------------
Town of Jericho------------------------------
Town of Norwich------------------------------
Town of Oxford------------------------------
Town of Sherburne------------------------------
Town of Sullivan------------------------------
Madison County[6][7]99435-91-1----2--2----------------
Onondaga County[8][9][10]1095180-16-4-12-22-------1------1--
Tioga County[11][12]4741119----3------2-1-------1-----


[2]The only votes available in Chenango county are from the town of Coventry.
[3]Reuben Humphreys received 336 votes as Reuben Humphrey, 1 vote as Reuben Humphe and 1 vote as Reuben Humpre.
[4]Thaddeus M. Wood received 2 votes as Thatdeus Wood.
[5]Uri Tracy received 4 votes as Uriah Tracy.
[6]The Albany Register (Albany, NY), May 20, lists 987 votes for Reuben Humphreys in Madison county.
[7]Reuben Humphreys received 749 votes as Reuben Humphrey.
[8]Reuben Humphreys received 293 votes as Reuben Humphrey and 1 vote as Reuben Humphe.
[9]Thaddeus M. Wood received 67 votes as Thads. M. Wood, 2 votes as Thaddeus Wood, 2 votes as T. M. Wood, 1 vote as Thades M. Wood and 1 vote as Thad. M. Wood.
[10]John MacWhorter received 1 vote as J. MacWhorter.
[11]Reuben Humphreys received 361 votes as Reuben Humphrey.
[12]Thaddeus M. Wood received 1 vote as Thadeus Wood.


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