Vermont 1821 U.S. House of Representatives, District 2, Ballot 6

U.S. House of Representatives (Federal)
U.S. Congressman
Vermont 1821 U.S. House of Representatives, District 2, Ballot 6
Sixth Ballot
U.S. House of Representatives/U.S. Congressman
Mark Richards, Phineas White, James Elliot, Joseph Elliot, Samuel Elliot, William Hall, Jr., Martin Field, Thomas G. Fessenden, Jonathan Hunt, Jr., Charles Richard, Ellery Allbe, Daniel Kellogg, Peter Blanchard, Joseph Boyden, Aaron Leland, Richard Skinner, Joseph Winslow, Oliver Farrer, Simon Adams, John Aiken, Silas Axtell, William C. Bradley, Nath. Chamberlain, Samuel Clark, Nomlar Cobb, Theophilus Crawford, Abner W. Field, Ebenezer Goodall, Jarius Hall, Isaac Johnson, Henry Lake, Jr., Benoni Lockwood, Jonas Mann, Dana Miller, Hazelton Rice, Sylvanus Sherwin, John Stevens, Benjamin Storey, Jonathan Whipple, Luther Cory, Munnis Kenny, Elijah Stearns, Thomas S. Fullerton, scattering
Candidates: Mark RichardsPhineas WhiteJames ElliotJoseph ElliotSamuel ElliotWilliam Hall, Jr.Martin FieldThomas G. FessendenJonathan Hunt, Jr.Charles RichardEllery AllbeDaniel KelloggPeter BlanchardJoseph BoydenAaron LelandRichard SkinnerJoseph WinslowOliver FarrerSimon AdamsJohn AikenSilas AxtellWilliam C. BradleyNath. ChamberlainSamuel ClarkNomlar CobbTheophilus CrawfordAbner W. FieldEbenezer GoodallJarius HallIsaac JohnsonHenry Lake, Jr.Benoni LockwoodJonas MannDana MillerHazelton RiceSylvanus SherwinJohn StevensBenjamin StoreyJonathan WhippleLuther CoryMunnis KennyElijah StearnsThomas S. Fullertonscattering
Final Result: [1][2][3]18971799753219181099753322222111111111111111111111111145
District of Two18971799753219181099753322222111111111111111111111111145
Windham County1274160269251918188752-2122-1-1111-1-1111-1111-1-11--20
Town of Acton[4]--------------------------------------------
Town of Athens4733-----------------------------------------18
Town of Brattleborough1215728-4---1------2-------1--------1-----------
Town of Brookline-7------------------------------------------
Town of Dover5560-----------------------------------------2
Town of Dummerston411321-10---------------------------------------
Town of Grafton106342-----5-----------------------------------
Town of Guilford1123241---------2------------------------------
Town of Halifax[5]34104-1---------------------------------1------
Town of Jamaica1480------------------------------------------
Town of Londonderry59513----3------------------------------------
Town of Marlboro31506-1-------------1--------------------1----
Town of Newfane64744----1---------------------------1--------
Town of Putney861631-32----------2-----1--1------------------
Town of Rockingham[6]15861110-15-42--2------------------1--1----------
Town of Somerset[7]-19-------7------------------------1---------
Town of Stratton843------------1-----------------------------
Town of Townshend55117--------------------------------------1---
Town of Vernon1329--1------------------------1--------------
Town of Wardsboro48110------------------------------------------
Town of Westminster15990-12-11---5----------1-----1----------------
Town of Whitingham774515-----------------------------------------
Town of Wilmington[8][9]299141---------------1--------1---------------
Town of Windham6620------------------------------------------
Windsor County62319767--911--1--1----1----1-1----1----1-1----25
Town of Andover69------------------1------------------------
Town of Baltimore--------------------------------------------
Town of Chester15981-7--711--2--------------1-----------------
Town of Springfield203566---2-------1---------1------1----1-1-----
Town of Weathersfield10050-----------------------------------------20
Town of Weston9210-----------------------------------------5


[1]Vermont law required a majority to elect for the U.S. House of Representatives. A seventh ballot would be held on October 22, 1821.
[2]Letter "To the first Constable of the town of ... said town being in the second Congressional District of this State" from Governor Richard Skinner dated September 28, 1821: "Whereas, The County Clerk and Sheriff of the County of Windham, having sorted and counted the votes given in said district, on the first Tuesday of September, 1821, for a Representative to represent this State in the Congress of the United States, have given notice to the Chief Magistrate, that no person has a majority of all the votes of said District, given in as aforesaid; together with a statement of the number of votes given for each candidate: and you are hereby notified, that the number of votes for each candidate are as follows, to wit. Mark Richards 1912--Phinehas White, 1805--James Elliot, 71--Joseph Elliot, 57--Wm. Hall, jr. 18--Martin Field, 11--Thomas G. Fessenden, 9--Jonathan Hunt, 6--Ellery Allbe, 5--Daniel Kellogg, 4--Peter Blanchard,3--Richard Skinner, 2--Oliver Farrer, 2--Mark Richard, 2--Aaron Leland, 2--John Stevens, 1--Benoni Lockwood, 1--Jona. Whipple, 1--Jospeh Boyden, 2--Jonas Mann, 1--Samuel Clark, 1--Joseph Winslow, 2--M. Kinney, 1--Elijah Stearns, 1--Simeon Adams, 1--Luther Cory, 1--Isaac Johnson, 1--James Hall, 1--Silas Axtell, 1--Benj. Henery, 1--Hazeltine Rice, 1--John Aiken, 1--Thomas S. Fullerton, 1--Jonathan Hunt, jr. 1--Abner W. Field, 1--Sylvanus Sherwin, 1--Dana Miller, 1--Henry Lake, jr. 1--N. Cobb, 1--Wm. C. Bradley, 1--Ebenezer Goodell, 1--Hon. Judge White, 1--Th. Crawford, 1--Nat. Chamberlin, 1. Therefore, you, and in your absence, the town clerk, and in the absence of both, the select men of said town, are hereby directed to warn the freemen of said town, according to law, to meet at the usual place in said town for holding freemen's meeting, on Monday the 15th day of October next, at one o'clock in the afternoon, to elect a person to represent this state in the congress of the United States ."
[3]The Vermont Intelligencer, and Bellows Falls Advertiser (Bellows Falls, VT), October 1, and Vermont Republican and American Yeoman: "The following is an official statement of the votes given on the 4th ult. for Representative to Congress for the 2d Congressional District. Hon. Mark Richards, 1912; Hon. Phinenas White, 1805; Hon. James Elliot, 69; Rev. Joseph Elliot, 57; Scattering, 114."
[4]There were no votes recorded in Acton.
[5]The Vermont Intelligencer, and Bellows Falls Advertiser (Bellows Falls, VT), September 17, reports 30 votes for Mark Richards and 103 votes for Phineas White in Halifax.
[6]Two votes for Mark Richard in Rockingham have been added to the total for Mark Richards.
[7]The Vermont Intelligencer, and Bellows Falls Advertiser (Bellows Falls, VT), September 17, reports 7 votes for Mark Richards and 17 votes for Phineas White in Somerset.
[8]One vote for Judge White has been added to the total for Phineas White.
[9]The Vermont Intelligencer, and Bellows Falls Advertiser (Bellows Falls, VT), September 17, reports 32 votes for Mark Richards and 99 votes for Phineas White in Wilmington.


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