New Hampshire 1810 Governor's Council, Cheshire County

Governor's Council (State)
Governor's Councillor
New Hampshire 1810 Governor's Council, Cheshire County
New Hampshire
First Ballot
Governor's Council/Governor's Councillor
Caleb Ellis, Samuel Dinsmore, Thomas G. Drew, Ebenezer Hoit, John Langdon, Roger Vose, John Fairfield, Jeremiah Smith, Lockhart Willand, Booz M. Atherton, Moses Tyler, G. B. Upham, John Vineland
Candidates: Caleb Ellis[1]Samuel DinsmoreThomas G. DrewEbenezer HoitJohn LangdonRoger VoseJohn FairfieldJeremiah SmithLockhart WillandBooz M. AthertonMoses TylerG. B. UphamJohn Vineland
Final Result: 3281247395543321111
Cheshire County3281247395543321111
Town of Acworth106101-----------
Town of Alstead16388---1-------
Town of Charlestown157261----------
Town of Chesterfield144105--1-------1
Town of Claremont22667-2-------1-
Town of Cornish11883-1---------
Town of Croydon8074-----------
Town of Dublin11762-----------
Town of Fitzwilliam11072-----1-----
Town of Gilsum3327---1-------
Town of Goshen38381----------
Town of Hinsdale5639-----------
Town of Jaffrey19237------1-1--
Town of Keene16349-----1-1---
Town of Langdon3152-----------
Town of Lempster7355-----------
Town of Marlborough13621--3--------
Town of Marlow982-----------
Town of New Grantham[2]2184----1------
Town of Newport16032-----------
Town of Packersfield15320-----------
Town of Plainfield68114-1--2------
Town of Richmond-180-----------
Town of Rindge14033-----------
Town of Springfield2865-1-1-------
Town of Stoddard6675-----------
Town of Sullivan634-----------
Town of Surry3734---1-------
Town of Swanzey72122-----------
Town of Unity37133-----------
Town of Walpole1791555----------
Town of Washington[3]281091----------
Town of Wendell656-----------
Town of Westmoreland[4]1621371-1--1-----
Town of Winchester10942------1----


[2]John Fairfield received 1 vote as J. Fairfield.
[3]Thomas G. Drew received 1 vote as Thomas C. Drew.
[4]Thomas G. Drew received 1 vote as Thomas C. Drew.


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