Massachusetts 1787 Governor

Governor (State)
Massachusetts 1787 Governor
First Ballot
John Hancock, James Bowdoin, Benjamin Lincoln, Nathaniel Gorham, Isaac Backus, Thomas Cushing, John Worthington, Samuel Phillips, Samuel Holton, Nathaniel Kingsley, Cotton Tufts, James Warren, George Leonard, Oliver Prescott, Caleb Strong, Samuel Adams, Daws, John Manning, Elisha May
Candidates: John Hancock[1]James BowdoinBenjamin LincolnNathaniel GorhamIsaac BackusThomas CushingJohn WorthingtonSamuel PhillipsSamuel HoltonNathaniel KingsleyCotton TuftsJames WarrenGeorge LeonardOliver PrescottCaleb StrongSamuel AdamsDawsJohn ManningElisha May
Final Result: 18475539451381603415943332221111
Barnstable County39878--37-------------
Town of Barnstable1145-----------------
Town of Chatham20------------------
Town of Eastham27------------------
Town of Falmouth958-----------------
Town of Harwich817--3--------------
Town of Provincetown[2]-------------------
Town of Sandwich8326-----------------
Town of Truro36---7-------------
Town of Wellfleet515-----------------
Town of Yarmouth431-----------------
Berkshire County62733784--13---1---------
Town of Adams511-----------------
Town of Alford-161----------------
Town of Becket1199------1---------
Town of Dalton73-----------------
Town of Egremont[3]-------------------
Town of Great Barrington52810----------------
Town of Hancock11---11-------------
Town of Lanesborough1028-----------------
Town of Lee362-----------------
Town of Lenox7013----------------
Town of Louden[4]-------------------
Town of Mount Washington[5]-------------------
District of New Ashford14------------------
Town of New Marlborough6511-----------------
Town of Partridgefield56------------------
Town of Pittsfield1347-----------------
Town of Richmond462624----------------
Town of Sandisfield3415----------------
Town of Sheffield52811----------------
Town of Stockbridge106114--2-------------
Town of Tyringham7632----------------
Town of Washington-102----------------
Town of West Stockbridge121-----------------
Town of Williamstown74303----------------
Town of Windsor52------------------
Bristol County1982287---1------------1
Town of Attleborough22421----------------1
Town of Berkley359-----------------
Town of Dartmouth1965-----------------
Town of Dighton14716-----------------
Town of Easton85------------------
Town of Freetown1184-----------------
Town of Mansfield6819-----------------
Town of New Bedford17141-----------------
Town of Norton1048-----------------
Town of Raynham4444-----------------
Town of Rehoboth33862-----------------
Town of Swansea22210-----------------
Town of Taunton23048---1-------------
Cumberland County41592--46--------------
Town of Bakerston[6]-------------------
Town of Bridgetown[7]-------------------
Town of Brunswick[8]-------------------
Town of Cape Elizabeth76------------------
Town of Falmouth[9]-------------------
Town of Gorham1036-----------------
Town of Gray23------------------
Town of Harpswell15------------------
Town of New Gloucester361--25--------------
Town of North Yarmouth-49--21--------------
Town of Portland3126-----------------
Town of Raymondston[10]-------------------
Town of Royalsboro[11]-------------------
Town of Scarboro786-----------------
Town of Standish284-----------------
Town of Turner[12]-------------------
Town of Windham25------------------
Dukes County153602----------------
Town of Chilmark3428-----------------
Town of Edgartown9923-----------------
Town of Tisbury209-----------------
Essex County2010850461-4182--------1-
Town of Amesbury45416----------------
Town of Andover138651----8-----------
Town of Beverly7748-----------------
Town of Boxford8912-----------------
Town of Bradford50201----------------
Town of Danvers9419-----------------
Town of Gloucester4109-----------------
Town of Haverhill8877-----------------
Town of Ipswich194555--4--1--------1-
District of Lynfield446-----------------
Town of Lynn13710-1---------------
Town of Manchester97-----------------
Town of Marblehead6438-----------------
Town of Metheun875-----------------
Town of Middleton613-----------------
Town of Newbury189961----------------
Town of Newburyport2141072----------------
Town of Rowley1361814----------------
Town of Salem120131-----------------
Town of Salisbury6855----------------
Town of Topsfield7191---1-1----------
Town of Wenham316-----------------
Hampshire County1036809247305514----1--1----
Town of Amherst813-----------------
Town of Ashfield26------------------
Town of Belchertown1832-----------------
Town of Bernardston1163----------------
Town of Blandford15203----------------
Town of Brimfield432310----------------
Town of Buckland78--5--------------
Town of Charlemont43-----------------
Town of Chester-2022----------------
Town of Chesterfield428-----------------
Town of Colrain55119---------------
Town of Conway68--3---------------
Town of Cummington-186----------------
Town of Deerfield31251----------------
District of Easthampton6211----------------
Town of Goshen8145----------------
Town of Granby1726---13------------
Town of Granville4351--17------------
Town of Greenfield61518----------------
Town of Greenwich18------------------
Town of Hadley11318----------------
Town of Hatfield22351---1------------
Town of Heath216-----------------
Town of Holland44------------------
Town of Leverett214-----------------
District of Leyden16------------------
Town of Longmeadow3922-1-1-------------
Town of Ludlow[13]-------------------
Town of Middlefield[14]-------------------
Town of Monson30134----------------
Town of Montague914------------1----
Town of Montgomery--10----------------
Town of New Salem424-1---------------
Town of Northfield33159----------------
Town of Northampton6912----------------
Town of Norwich-1918----------------
District of Orange201363---------------
Town of Palmer3853---2------------
Town of Pelham7------------------
District of Plainfield[15]-------------------
Town of Rowe171-----------------
Town of Shelburne7491----------------
Town of Shutesbury[16]-------------------
Town of South Brimfield17------------------
Town of South Hadley14285--1-------------
Town of Southampton15710----------------
Town of Southwick[17]-------------------
Town of Springfield19391----------------
Town of Sunderland1114-----------------
Town of Ware[18]-------------------
Town of Warwick825-----------------
Town of Wendell4-10----------------
Town of West Springfield5811-----------------
Town of Westfield44451--1------------
Town of Westhampton102081---------------
Town of Whately[19]9----------1-------
Town of Wilbraham5824-1---------------
Town of Williamsburg223-----------------
Town of Worthington6452--1-------------
Lincoln County415784------2---------
Town of Balltown[20]-------------------
Town of Bath223-------1---------
Town of Boothbay37------------------
Town of Bowdoinham[21]-------------------
Town of Bristol[22]-------------------
Town of Canaan44------------------
Town of Edgecomb35------------------
Town of Georgetown[23]-------------------
Town of Hallowell[24]-------------------
Town of Howardstown[25]-------------------
Town of Lewiston[26]-------------------
Town of Machias-733----------------
Town of New Castle[28]-------------------
Town of Norridgewalk[29]-------------------
Town of Pittston34------------------
Town of Pownalboro4011----------------
Town of Saint George[30]-------------------
Town of Thomastown[31]-------------------
Town of Topsham51------------------
Town of Union15------------------
Town of Vassalboro62--------1---------
Town of Waldoboro50------------------
Town of Wales[32]-------------------
Town of Walpole[33]-------------------
Town of Warren[34]-------------------
Town of Winslow25------------------
Town of Winthrop[35]-------------------
Town of Woolwich[36]-------------------
Middlesex County3142621315-2-1-----2-----
Town of Acton6217-----------------
Town of Ashby743-----------------
Town of Bedford4232----------------
Town of Billerica7928-----------------
District of Boxboro2610-----------------
Town of Cambridge154371----------------
District of Carlisle385-----------------
Town of Charlestown11724-1-1-------------
Town of Chelmsford7622-----------------
Town of Concord1134341---------------
Town of Dracut84----1-1-----------
Town of Dunstable4205----------------
Town of East Sudbury6627-----------------
Town of Framingham103411----------------
Town of Groton6012-----------------
Town of Holliston837-----------------
Town of Hopkinton1392-----------------
Town of Lexington7716-----------------
Town of Lincoln2535-----------------
Town of Littleton862-----------------
Town of Malden8241----------------
Town of Marlborough128201----------------
Town of Medford38241----------------
Town of Natick555-----------------
Town of Newton11723-----------------
Town of Pepperell6711-----------------
Town of Reading130274----------------
Town of Sherborn67271----------1-----
Town of Shirley327-----------------
Town of Stoneham352-----------------
Town of Stow63353---------------
Town of Sudbury9224-----------1-----
Town of Tewksbury100------------------
Town of Townsend44------------------
Town of Waltham5926-----------------
Town of Watertown1156-----------------
Town of Westford9115----------------
Town of Weston7443-----------------
Town of Wilmington1072-----------------
Town of Woburn13812-----------------
Nantucket County56531--1-------------
Town of Sherburn56531--1-------------
Plymouth County154530841511----322--1---
Town of Abington10520-----------------
Town of Bridgewater291107-4--------2------
Town of Duxbury50141----------------
Town of Halifax57------------------
Town of Hanover6126-----------------
Town of Kingston32151--1-------------
Town of Marshfield4117--------3--------
Town of Middleborough27814-111--------------
Town of Pembroke5616-----------------
Town of Plymouth95421--------2-------
Town of Plympton113-1----------------
Town of Rochester18517-----------------
Town of Scituate15518-------------1---
Town of Wareham322-----------------
Suffolk County262911902412------------1--
Town of Bellingham463-----------------
Town of Boston724775-----------------
Town of Braintree401813----------------
Town of Brookline933-----------------
Town of Chelsea448-----------------
Town of Cohasset6181----------------
Town of Dedham627838---------------
Town of Dorchester52863----------------
District of Dover8501----------------
Town of Foxborough1056-----------------
Town of Franklin21126-----------------
Town of Hingham56264-------------1--
Town of Hull[37]-------------------
Town of Medfield39303----------------
Town of Medway2987-----------------
Town of Milton1966-----------------
Town of Needham6136-----------------
Town of Roxbury51122-----------------
Town of Sharon-101-1---------------
Town of Stoughton9194-----------------
Town of Walpole118453---------------
Town of Weymouth16103-----------------
Town of Wrentham141661----------------
Worcester County34725577065---2-----1----
Town of Ashburnham84-4----------------
Town of Athal54510----------------
Town of Barre9062----------------
District of Berlin3312-----------------
Town of Bolton28262----------------
Town of Boylston46141----------------
Town of Brookfield15465-----------------
Town of Charlton87104----------------
Town of Douglas702--5--------------
Town of Dudley6032----------------
Town of Fitchburg5653----------------
Town of Gardner2911----------------
Town of Gerry458-----------------
Town of Grafton1121-----------------
Town of Hardwick531-----------------
Town of Harvard12019-----------------
Town of Holden6118-----------------
Town of Hubbardston[38]-------------------
Town of Lancaster8438-----------------
Town of Leicester6728-----------------
Town of Leominster662721----2-----1----
Town of Lunenberg1082-4---------------
Town of Mendon124------------------
Town of Milford114------------------
Town of New Braintree[39]-------------------
Town of Northborough50------------------
Town of Northbridge422-----------------
Town of Oakham462-----------------
Town of Oxford642-----------------
Town of Paxton553-----------------
Town of Petersham64127----------------
Town of Princetown3720-----------------
Town of Royalston1154-----------------
Town of Rutland4723-----------------
Town of Shrewsbury63231----------------
Town of Southborough7451----------------
Town of Spencer8771----------------
Town of Sterling103421---------------
Town of Sturbridge66610----------------
Town of Sutton202322----------------
Town of Templeton5397----------------
Town of Upton892-----------------
Town of Uxbridge624-----------------
Town of Ward382-----------------
Town of Westborough1007-----------------
Town of Western5616----------------
Town of Westminster63211----------------
Town of Winchendon4081----------------
Town of Worcester11167-----------------
York County58674-12---------------
Town of Arundel132-12---------------
Town of Berwick13528-----------------
Town of Biddeford177-----------------
Town of Brownfield[40]-------------------
Town of Buxton42------------------
Town of Coxhall[41]-------------------
Town of Fryburgh[42]-------------------
Town of Kittery7514-----------------
Town of Lebanon53------------------
Town of Limerick[43]16------------------
Town of Littlefalls[44]-------------------
Town of Parsonfield[45]-------------------
Town of Pepperrelboro205-----------------
Town of Sandford60------------------
Town of Shapleigh[46]-------------------
Town of Waterborough[47]-------------------
Town of Wells833-----------------
Town of York8115-----------------


[2]Provincetown was not listed in the Official Records.
[3]There were no votes recorded in Egremont.
[4]There were no votes recorded in Louden.
[5]There were no votes recorded in Mount Washington.
[6]There were no votes recorded in Bakerston.
[7]There were no votes recorded in Bridgetown.
[8]There were no votes recorded in Brunswick.
[9]There were no votes recorded in Falmouth.
[10]There were no votes recorded in Raymondston.
[11]There were no votes recorded in Royalsboro.
[12]There were no votes recorded in Turner.
[13]There were no votes recorded in Ludlow.
[14]There were no votes recorded in Middlefield.
[15]There were no votes recorded in Plainfield.
[16]There were no votes recorded in Shutesbury.
[17]There were no votes recorded in Southwick.
[18]There were no votes recorded in Ware.
[19]James Warren received 1 vote as General Warren.
[20]There were no votes recorded in Balltown.
[21]There were no votes recorded in Bowdoinham.
[22]There were no votes recorded in Bristol.
[23]There were no votes recorded in Georgetown.
[24]There were no votes recorded in Hallowell.
[25]There were no votes recorded in Howardstown.
[26]There were no votes recorded in Lewiston.
[27]There were no votes recorded in Medanook.
[28]There were no votes recorded in New Castle.
[29]There were no votes recorded in Norridgewalk.
[30]There were no votes recorded in Saint George.
[31]There were no votes recorded in Thomastown.
[32]There were no votes recorded in Wales.
[33]There were no votes recorded in Walpole.
[34]There were no votes recorded in Warren.
[35]There were no votes recorded in Winthrop.
[36]There were no votes recorded in Woolwich.
[37]There were no votes recorded in Hull.
[38]There were no votes recorded in Hubbardston.
[39]There were no votes recorded in New Braintree.
[40]There were no votes recorded in Brownfield.
[41]There were no votes recorded in Coxhall.
[42]There were no votes recorded in Fryburgh.
[43]The votes from Limerick were not included in the Original Election Returns.
[44]There were no votes recorded in Littlefalls.
[45]There were no votes recorded in Parsonfield.
[46]There were no votes recorded in Shapleigh.
[47]There were no votes recorded in Waterboro.


Original Election Returns. Massachusetts State Archives, Boston.
Town of Weston: Records of the First Precinct, 1746-1754 and of the Town, 1754-1803. Boston: Alfred Mudge and Son, 1893. 388.
Vital Records of Limerick, Maine. Parsonsfield, ME: Ancient Landmark Society, 1989. 13.

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