New York 1810 Assembly, Queens County

Assembly (State)
New York 1810 Assembly, Queens County
New York
First Ballot
Stephen Carmen, Daniel Kissam, William Townsend, Henry O. Seaman, Nicholas Wyckoff, George Townsend
Candidates: Stephen Carmen[1]Daniel Kissam[2]William Townsend[3]Henry O. SeamanNicholas WyckoffGeorge Townsend
Final Result: 112111131111107110601031
Queens County[4][5][6]112111131111107110591032
Town of Flushing[7]858786959694
Town of Hempstead419406411211190167
Town of Jamaica[8]777373175177175
Town of Newtown[9]878787209210211
Town of North Hempstead[10]160163159136140137
Town of Oyster Bay293297295245246248


[4]The New York Journal and Public Advertiser list Daniel Kissam and Stephen Carmen with 1117 votes, William Townsend with 1121 votes and Henry O. Seaman with 1173 votes.
[5]The New-York Herald (New York, NY) and New-York Evening Post (New York, NY) lists Henry O. Seaman with 1081 votes though the town totals add up to 1071 votes.
[6]The Columbian (New York, NY) of May 2, 1810 lists totals for Nicholas Wyckoff with 1060 total votes and George Townseld, although the town totals it lists add up to 1059 and 1032 respectively.
[7]The American Citizen (New York, NY) lists George Townsend with 85 votes.
[8]The New York Journal and Public Advertiser reverse the totals for Daniel Kissam and Stephen Carman.
[9]The New York Journal and Public Advertiser reverse the totals of Nicholas Wyckoff and George Townsend.
[10]The New York Journal and Public Advertiser list William Townsend with 169 votes and Henry O. Seaman with 138 votes.


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