New Hampshire 1823 State Senate, District 6

State Senate (State)
State Senator
New Hampshire 1823 State Senate, District 6
New Hampshire
First Ballot
State Senate/State Senator
Pearson Cogswell, Daniel Gale, 2nd, John Ham, Ezekiel Wentworth, Benning M. Bean, Samuel Shepard, Daniel C. Atkinson, Nehemiah Eastman, James Clark, Edward B. Nealley, Lyman B. Walker, Samuel Quarles, David Bowman, Jonathan C. Everett, Daniel Hoit, John M. Page
Candidates: Pearson Cogswell[1]Daniel Gale, 2ndJohn HamEzekiel WentworthBenning M. BeanSamuel ShepardDaniel C. AtkinsonNehemiah EastmanJames ClarkEdward B. NealleyLyman B. WalkerSamuel QuarlesDavid BowmanJonathan C. EverettDaniel HoitJohn M. Page
Final Result: [2]172970092793623161585431111
District of Six172970092793623161585431111
Strafford County172970092793623161585431111
Town of Center Harbor[3]541--35-----------
Town of Eaton145---------------
Town of Effingham92--76-------3----
Town of Gilford78130--------4-1---
Town of Gilmantown246158---22----------
Town of Meredith130101--------------
Town of Moultonborough9896-------5----1-
Town of New Hampton1375---1----------
Town of Ossipee145--3------------
Town of Sanbornton[4][5]1487992----158-------
Town of Sandwich24514--1--------1-1
Town of Tamworth37119----16---------
Town of Tuftonboro174---------------


[2]Pearson Cogswell was the Republican nominee. A number of dissident Republicans nominated Daniel Gale. In a letter printed by the New-Hampshire Patriot and State Gazette (Concord, NH), Gale declined to be a candidate.
[3]"Not certified to be a copy record." Original Election Returns.
[4]"Name of town not in the return." Original Election Returns.
[5]Daniel Gale, 2nd received 3 votes as Daniel Gale.


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