Massachusetts 1819 State Senate, Hampshire District

State Senate (State)
State Senator
Massachusetts 1819 State Senate, Hampshire District
First Ballot
State Senate/State Senator
Elihu Hoyt, Thomas Longley, Jonathan H. Lyman, Jonathan Dwight, jr., Alanson Knox, Solomon Smead, Enos Foote, Seth Wright, Henry Dwight, Joshua Frost, Jonathan Smith, Noah Webster, Jonathan Rice, Samuel Porter, Thomas Shepherd, Enson Foote, Elisha Hoyt, Medad Alexander, Benjamin Smith, Elisha Billings, Dwight Wright, William Hooker, Joseph Lyman, Benjamin Smead, Samuel Lathrop, George Bliss, Elihu Torry, Elijah Alvord, Benjamin W. Crowninshield, Samuel Lyman, Lewis Strong, scattering
Candidates: Elihu Hoyt[1]Thomas Longley[2]Jonathan H. Lyman[3]Jonathan Dwight, jr.Alanson KnoxSolomon SmeadEnos FooteSeth WrightHenry DwightJoshua FrostJonathan SmithNoah WebsterJonathan RiceSamuel PorterThomas ShepherdEnson FooteElisha HoytMedad AlexanderBenjamin SmithElisha BillingsDwight WrightWilliam HookerJoseph LymanBenjamin SmeadSamuel LathropGeorge BlissElihu TorryElijah AlvordBenjamin W. CrowninshieldSamuel LymanLewis Strongscattering
Final Result: [4][5][6][7][8]78366301602943963836251118048756734942741578477736248383022191717141243111162
District of Hampshire78366301602943963836251118048756734942741578477736248383022191717141243111162
Franklin County--------------------------------
Town of Ashfield15913313372111545044-4--------22------------
Town of Bernardston49494949-43-696969-------26--------------
Town of Buckland[9]101104104-10314-1515141----------------1----
Town of Charlemont[10][11]108108108108-24-242424----------------------
Town of Colrain142142142142-43-43431528---------------------
Town of Conway1831171216611764613212--------------------6
Town of Deerfield187188185176114-44-4---------------------
Town of Gill605660584-------------------2-------
Town of Greenfield10597776143527494984111-7------------------
Town of Hawley115114115111513-1313121---------------------
Town of Heath133133133133-24-242424----------------------
Town of Leverett45454444-40-404040----------------------
Town of Leyden-484848-62-62214162-----48---------------
Town of Montague979860962221-212121---------------------13
Town of New Salem156156156156-71-717171----------------------
Town of Northfield89715014410257366-6-54-55-----------------
Town of Orange37303737630----30-30-----30-------------
Town of Rowe--------------------------------
Town of Shelburne116116116113310-101073---------------------
Town of Shutesbury57575757-48-4848-48---------------------
Town of Sunderland86686886-1918111----------------------
Town of Warwick103111111111216-1515--------12-------------12
Town of Wendell848484-8430-303030----------------------
Town of Whately[12]8282976949443827825---------------------
Hampden County--------------------------------
Town of Blandford172105105701026969111------------------1---
Town of Brimfield164134134401243030-------------------------
Town of Chester10992821118910810889-----------------------3
Town of Granville1407878140116161-------------------------
Town of Holland----17---------------------------
Town of Longmeadow159111113551084039-------------------------
Town of Ludlow--------------------------------
Town of Monson[13]1831191177310562---------62----------------
Town of Montgomery[14]65343431343131-------------------------
Town of Palmer11710810793251010-------------------------
Town of Russell--------------------------------
Town of South Brimfield282828-2837-37--37---------------------
Town of Southwick214--21415199214-------------------------
Town of Springfield3121751691641621781744330----------------------12
Town of Tolland67434267-2424-------------------------
Town of West Springfield[15]39311311438382862811-1----------------------
Town of Westfield2379511516478159161-------------------------
Town of Wilbraham1679081967197971817-----------------------
Hampshire County--------------------------------
Town of Amherst[16][17]200191451534776116-137-5---------5--------
Town of Belchertown[18]310267266300114544111--------------14------
Town of Chesterfield[19]99909279097---2---------------------
Town of Cummington149107107421074242-------------------------
Town of Easthampton10510549-1054-444---56------------------
Town of Enfield87868784319171-2----18-----19--99-------
Town of Goshen818181-8114-141414----------------------
Town of Granby166159159815877-------------------------
Town of Greenwich595958-5934-343434----------------------
Town of Hadley201201187-2011-111-9-5------------------
Town of Hatfield52495015092777---------------------1
Town of Middlefield747474-7433-333333----------------------
Town of Northampton32232137654320535211----2-----------------6
Town of Norwich[20]110937117931717--------------17----------
Town of Pelham636363-63---------------------------
Town of Plainfield107107107-1079-999----------------------
Town of South Hadley1311109270602020---------------17------11-
Town of Southampton211211212-2111--1-----------------------
Town of Ware[21][22]116787811914444-------------------3-----
Town of Westhampton118118116-118--------------------------2
Town of Williamsburg142142130-142--------------------------7
Town of Worthington14314314321421-111---2------------------


[4]"No. Voters, 8946. Make a choice, 4474." Governor's Council Records.
[5]There are two sets of returns for this district, both stating to be Official. A handwritten tally sheet for this district is available, which has the votes for many of the various other candidates. The tally sheet lacks returns from Ludlow, Russell and Rowe. Votes from the last two towns are also missing for Governor and Lt. Governor. There is a vague notation on the tally sheet concerning returns from Ludlow, and those were apparently added to the Official Canvass for State Senators published in the newspapers. Complete returns for the various other candidates were not given in this report. The first set of returns from the tally sheet, also stated to be Official, is lacking the town of Ludlow, but they are apparently included in the second set. However, since only the votes for Senators elected outright and those to be chosen by the Legislature were reported the second set, the totals from Ludlow will be incomplete. Official Returns, Second Set [with Ludlow]: Elihu Hoyt 8044 votes, Thomas Longley 6456 votes, Jonathan H. Lyman 6183 votes, and Jonathan Dwight, Jr. 4227 votes. The votes for Alanson Knox in the Second Set is probably a type setting error, as his votes in the first set were 3900, while in the second set it is listed as 3836. His vote would not decrease with the votes from Ludlow, but most likely increase.
[6]Numerous newspaper articles published weeks before the election, reported on, or announced various State Senator tickets. In addition to a regular Federalist nomination, late in the campaign a Union or Toleration Ticket was announced, with candidates from both parties. A strictly Republican ticket was also nominated. Union or Toleration Ticket: Elihu Hoyt, Jonathan Dwight, Jr., Solomon Smead and Enos Foote. Republican Ticket: Solomon Smead, Seth Wright, Henry Dwight and Joshua Frost. There were also several other tickets listed and various individuals were also suggested as candidates. Elihu Hoyt was on all the various Federalist tickets and Solomon Smead on each of the Republican tickets reported or announced.
[7]Massachusetts law required a majority to elect. Jonathan Dwight, Jr. would subsequently be elected by the Massachusetts General Court.
[8]Benjamin W. Crowninshield was a candidate for Governor.
[9]Jonathan Dwight, Jr. received 1 vote as Jonathan Dwight.
[10]Jonathan H. Lyman received 1 vote as Jonathan Lyman.
[11]Jonathan Dwight, Jr. received 5 votes as Jonathan Dwight.
[12]Jonathan Dwight, Jr. received 69 votes as Jonathan Dwight.
[13]Jonathan Dwight, Jr. received 45 votes as Jonathan Dwight.
[14]Jonathan H. Lyman received 1 vote as Jonathan Lyman.
[15]The Hampden Patriot (Springfield, MA) reports 286 votes for Enos Foote.
[16]The Franklin Herald (Greenfield, MA), the Hampshire Gazette, and The Repertory (Boston, MA) report 210 votes for Elihu Hoyt and 43 for Alanson Knox.
[17]The Hampden Patriot (Springfield, MA) reports 210 votes for Elihu Hoyt and 40 Alanson Knox.
[18]Jonathan Dwight, Jr. received 1 vote as Jonathan H. Dwight.
[19]Jonathan Dwight, Jr. received 7 votes as Jonathan Dwight.
[20]Jonathan Dwight, Jr. received 17 votes as Jonathan Dwight.
[21]Jonathan H. Lyman received 1 vote as Jonathan Lyman.
[22]Jonathan Dwight, Jr. received 23 votes as Jonathan Dwight.


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