Massachusetts 1824 House of Representatives, Boston, Ballot 2

House of Representatives (State)
State Representative
Massachusetts 1824 House of Representatives, Boston, Ballot 2
Second Ballot
House of Representatives/State Representative
Franklin Dexter, Benjamin Russell, Elijah Morse, George Darracott, Samuel Sweet, George W. Otis, Jonathan Phillips, Joseph Austin, Daniel Weld, Henry H. Fuller, Samuel L. Knapp, Enoch Silsby, William Goddard, Nathaniel P. Russell, Charles Welles, Lemuel P. Grosvenor, Thomas Kendall, John Brazer Davis, Lynde Walter, Samuel T. Armstrong, Charles Ewer, James T. Austin, William Savage, John R. Adan, George Hallet, Charles Howard
Candidates: Franklin Dexter[1]Benjamin Russell[2]Elijah Morse[3]George Darracott[4]Samuel Sweet[5]George W. Otis[6]Jonathan Phillips[7]Joseph Austin[8]Daniel Weld[9]Henry H. Fuller[10]Samuel L. Knapp[11]Enoch Silsby[12]William GoddardNathaniel P. RussellCharles WellesLemuel P. GrosvenorThomas KendallJohn Brazer DavisLynde WalterSamuel T. ArmstrongCharles EwerJames T. AustinWilliam SavageJohn R. AdanGeorge HalletCharles Howard
Final Result: [13][14][15]21942179214821372109206220532050204920262024202019661878185118301813180217971795177917491697167116571651
City of Boston21942179214821372109206220532050204920262024202019661878185118301813180217971795177917491697167116571651


[13]It was decided that Boston would send twenty-five Representatives and the first election took place on Wednesday, May 12th, which resulted in the choice of eleven Federalist on their ticket and one Federalist (David Sears) from the Republican/Union slate. As a result, thirteen members still need to be chosen and a second election was ordered by the Mayor and Aldermen to be held on Saturday, May 15th. At this election twelve of the Federalists, having the required majority were elected, with one (William Goddard) falling short of the necessary number of votes needed.
[14]"Whole number of votes 3972. Necessary to a choice 1987." Independent Chronicle and Boston Patriot (Boston, MA). May 19, 1824.
[15]"From the foregoing it appears, that twelve of the federal candidates are elected. Mr. Goddard, of the federal ticket, is not elected." Independent Chronicle and Boston Patriot (Boston, MA). May 19, 1824.


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