New York 1812 U.S. House of Representatives, District 15

U.S. House of Representatives (Federal)
U.S. Congressman
New York 1812 U.S. House of Representatives, District 15
New York
First Ballot
U.S. House of Representatives/U.S. Congressman
Peter B. Porter, Myron Holley, Micah Brooks, Jonas Williams, Abel M. Grosvenor, Henry Brooks, Valentine Brother, Jacob W. Hallet, Charles Little, William B. Porter, Morris F. Shepherd, Roger Sprague
Candidates: Peter B. Porter[1]Myron HolleyMicah BrooksJonas WilliamsAbel M. GrosvenorHenry BrooksValentine BrotherJacob W. HalletCharles LittleWilliam B. PorterMorris F. ShepherdRoger Sprague
Final Result: [2][3][4]4899347393732111111
District of Fifteen4899347393732111111
Allegany County------------
Cattaraugus County------------
Chautauque County28118180432------
Town of Chautauque127706712-------
Town of Pomfret[5]15411113312------
Genesee County1082340----------
Town of Attica10824----------
Town of Batavia[6]23557----------
Town of Caledonia15238----------
Town of Leicester5841----------
Town of Murray7160----------
Town of Northampton3730----------
Town of Parma854----------
Town of Riga7337----------
Town of Sheldon7831----------
Town of Warsaw[7]18518----------
Niagara County[8]860407933--------
Town of Buffalo112123----------
Town of Cambria648----------
Town of Clarence17872----------
Town of Concord5035----------
Town of Edon4540----------
Town of Hamburgh10948----------
Town of Hartland65-3---------
Town of Olean43-----------
Town of Porter46-----------
Town of Schlosser339----------
Town of Willink11572----------
Ontario County29572726----------
Town of Avon[9]93124----------
Town of Benton26389----------
Town of Bloomfield197424----------
Town of Boyle153156----------
Town of Bristol[10]50166----------
Town of Canandaigua151151----------
Town of Farmington15092----------
Town of Genesco7897----------
Town of Gorham205148----------
Town of Honeoye103103----------
Town of Jerusalem1626----------
Town of Lima9698----------
Town of Livonia9475----------
Town of Lyons8381----------
Town of Middlesex11833----------
Town of Naples2971----------
Town of Ontario10944----------
Town of Palmyra95174----------
Town of Penfield65133----111-11
Town of Phelps251101----------
Town of Seneca244152----------
Town of Sodus[11]5050----------
Town of Sparta17819----------
Town of Williamson86119-------1--


[2]According to the census figures for 1810, New York was entitled to gain seats in the U.S. House of Representatives. However, the State Legislature did not re-apportion the Congressional districts before the elections scheduled for the spring. Therefore, elections for U.S. House of Representatives were held using the previous district boundaries. The results of these elections were declared null and void. A newly elected State Legislature redrew the districts and set the dates of December 15-17 for new Congressional elections.
[3]Not all counties held elections for U.S. House of Representatives during the spring cycle, since it was known that districts were slated to be redrawn.
[4]Valentine Brother, Jacob W. Hallet, Charles Little, Morris F. Shepherd, Roger Sprague, Abel M. Grosvenor, and Jonas Williams were candidates for Assembly.
[5]Micah Brooks received 1 vote as Micah B. Brooks.
[6]Myron Holley received 21 votes as Hawley.
[7]Myron Holley received 18 votes as Hawley.
[8]In Olean, Hamburgh, Concord, Buffalo, Clarence, and Cambria, there were votes for Micah Brooks for U.S. House of Representatives. Buffalo Gazette (Buffalo, NY): "In these towns Micah Brooks had 93 votes for Congress, Porter had 556."
[9]Peter B. Porter received 1 vote as Peter B. Porter and 2 votes as Peter A. Porter.
[10]Peter B. Porter received 1 vote as Peter Porter.
[11]Peter B. Porter received 1 vote as Peter Porter.


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