New York 1802 Assembly, Dutchess County

Assembly (State)
New York 1802 Assembly, Dutchess County
New York
First Ballot
Thomas Mitchell, Theodorus Van Wyck, John Martin, Joseph C. Field, James Winchell, John Jewitt, Philip Spencer, Jr., Samuel A. Barker, Henry Dodge, Stephen Barnum, William Pearce, Philip I. Schuyler, Jonathan Owen, James Cooper, Zachariah Mosher, William Tabor, Isaac Stoutenburgh, John M. Thurston, Isaac Sherwood, Thomas Winchell, Stephen Barnes, Ebenezer Foote, Thomas Jewitt, John Winchell, Abraham Adriance, Isaac Bloom, Ebenezer Mott, William J. Schuyler, Solomon Sutherland, William Terry, William Thorn, David Van Ness, Jonathan Weller, Veniah Wolley, Augustus A. Barker, Jonathan Barnes, Thomas Barnes, Isaiah Bartlett, Jr., Richard G. Cantillion, Ebenezer Cary, James Caw, Lemuel Clift, Adam Cline, John Cooper, William Davis, Samuel Dodge, Thomas C. Field, Isaac Hunting, James Jewitt, Joshua Lee, Henry Lyle, John Mitchell, Jesse Oakley, Smith Peters, Ebenezer Preston, Jr., James Roe, Philip J. Spencer, Jr., John Stoutenburgh, Peter Stoutenburgh, Isaac Thurston, Isaac Utter
Candidates: Thomas MitchellTheodorus Van WyckJohn MartinJoseph C. FieldJames WinchellJohn JewittPhilip Spencer, Jr.Samuel A. BarkerHenry DodgeStephen BarnumWilliam PearcePhilip I. SchuylerJonathan OwenJames CooperZachariah MosherWilliam TaborIsaac StoutenburghJohn M. ThurstonIsaac SherwoodThomas WinchellStephen BarnesEbenezer FooteThomas JewittJohn WinchellAbraham AdrianceIsaac BloomEbenezer MottWilliam J. SchuylerSolomon SutherlandWilliam TerryWilliam ThornDavid Van NessJonathan WellerVeniah WolleyAugustus A. BarkerJonathan BarnesThomas BarnesIsaiah Bartlett, Jr.Richard G. CantillionEbenezer CaryJames CawLemuel CliftAdam ClineJohn CooperWilliam DavisSamuel DodgeThomas C. FieldIsaac HuntingJames JewittJoshua LeeHenry LyleJohn MitchellJesse OakleySmith PetersEbenezer Preston, Jr.James RoePhilip J. Spencer, Jr.John StoutenburghPeter StoutenburghIsaac ThurstonIsaac Utter
Final Result: [1][2]1624160015911561153315261488122112101193117511661139974134125373026533332222222222111111111111111111111111111
Dutchess County1624160015911561153315261488122112101193117511661139974134125373026533332222222222111111111111111111111111111
Town of Amenia[3][4][5]10610410310410510111462646162646133216-1------1---1-------------------1------------
Town of Beekman[6][7][8]16161616161314160166163163163162160-1-1--3-3--------------------------------------
Town of Carmel11711711711111711611712111212121212-------------------------------1---------------
Town of Clinton[9][10][11]9999102999991901221181211211151151119428-------2------------1-------------11-------
Town of Fishkill[12][13]2582572552562552572581091111071071081081103----------------------------------------------
Town of Franklin[14][15][16]302425272220297069706866673332132---1-----1---------------1-----------------
Town of Frederick[17][18]585865605868561918228711943-----------1------1---------------------1----
Town of Northeast[19][20]118116112113841131085454535453533261--13-----1---1-------------1-------1----------
Town of Pawlings[21]9188817579749385868287878482-21-----2-2-------2---1-1-11--------1----11----1
Town of Phillips102102102102991003943181718181915-----4-----------------------------------------
Town of Poughkeepsie[22][23]214210213208209206189149163150154148149150217-3---------------------------------1-----1---
Town of Rhinebeck92961179495929620920520620921820713718---13---------------------------1--------------
Town of Southeast10911510812510810911058506655534521305-1--------2--------------------------------1-
Town of Stanford[24]1191071061071191088431302930272013818-3-1---1-----------------1--1--1-------------
Town of Washington[25][26][27]95907064685891384734272726261483211-----------22-22--1---------------------1--


[1]Thomas Winchell, James Jewitt, John Winchell, William J. Schuyler, John Cooper, Samuel Dodge, Thomas C. Field, James Jewitt, John Mitchell and Philip J. Spencer, Jr. are amalgamations of two candidates.
[2]Abraham Adriance, Solomon Sutherland, Ebenezer Foote and David Van Ness were candidates for State Senate. Isaac Bloom was a candidate for U.S. House of Representatives.
[3]Philip Spencer, Jr. received 3 votes as Philip Spencer.
[4]Joseph C. Field received 1 vote as John C. Field.
[5]John M. Thurston received 1 vote as John Thurston.
[6]Joseph C. Field received 1 vote as Jessup C. Field.
[7]James Winchell received 1 vote as Ames Winchell.
[8]Jonathan Owen received 1 vote as Jonathan.
[9]Theodorus R. Van Ryck received 1 vote as Theodorus Van Wyck and 1 vote as Thomas R. Van Wyck.
[10]James Winchell received 2 votes as James Minchell.
[11]Philip J. Schuyler received 2 votes as Philip Shiler.
[12]Theodorus R. Van Ryck received 1 vote as Theodorus Van Wyck.
[13]Philip Spencer, Jr. received 8 votes as Philip Spencer.
[14]Philip Spencer, Jr. received 3 votes as Philip Spencer.
[15]Samuel A. Barker received 1 vote as Samuel Barker.
[16]Philip J. Schuyler received 1 vote as Philip Schuyler.
[17]Theodorus R. Van Ryck received 3 votes as Theodorus Van Wyck.
[18]Philip Spencer, Jr. received 2 votes as Philip Spencer.
[19]Theodorus R. Van Ryck received 4 votes as Theodorus Van Wyck.
[20]Philip Spencer, Jr. received 4 votes as Philip Spencer.
[21]Philip Spencer, Jr. received 3 votes as Philip Spencer.
[22]Theodorus R. Van Ryck received 1 vote as Theodoris B. Van Wyck and 1 vote as Theodorus C. Van Wyck.
[23]Joseph C. Field received 4 votes as John C. Field.
[24]Theodorus R. Van Ryck received 3 votes as Theodorus W. Van Wyck and 1 vote as Theodorus Van Wyck.
[25]Theodorus R. Van Ryck received 1 vote as Theodorus R. Van Wyll and 11 votes as Theodorus Van Wyck.
[26]Philip Spencer, Jr. received 6 votes as Philip Spencer.
[27]John Jewitt received 1 vote as John DeWitt.


Original Election Books. Dutchess County Historian, Poughkeepsie.
The Poughkeepsie Journal (Poughkeepsie, NY). May 11, 1802.
The Albany Register (Albany, NY). May 14, 1802.

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