Massachusetts 1813 State Senate, Cumberland and Oxford District

State Senate (State)
State Senator
Massachusetts 1813 State Senate, Cumberland and Oxford District
First Ballot
State Senate/State Senator
Ebenezer Poor, Jonathan Page, Robert Ilsley, Lothrop Lewis, Jacob Abbot, Daniel Stowell, William King, scattering
Candidates: Ebenezer PoorJonathan PageRobert IlsleyLothrop Lewis[1]Jacob Abbot[2]Daniel Stowell[3]William Kingscattering
Final Result: [4][5][6]421942044201414541394133139
District of Cumberland and Oxford421942044201414541394133139
Cumberland County--------
Town of Baldwin--------
Town of Bridgetown--------
Town of Brunswick--------
Town of Cape Elizabeth--------
Town of Durham--------
Town of Falmouth--------
Town of Freeport[7]136136136-----
Town of Gorham--------
Town of Gray--------
Town of Harpswell[8]353535959595--
Town of Harrison--------
Lundts Grant Plantation--------
Town of Minot--------
Town of New Gloucester--------
Town of North Yarmouth--------
Town of Otisfield--------
Town of Pejepscot--------
Town of Poland--------
Town of Portland347348342529528527--
Town of Pownal--------
Town of Raymond[9]575757414141--
Town of Scarborough--------
Town of Standish--------
Thompson Pond and Shakers Settlement--------
Town of Windham--------
Oxford County--------
Town of Albany--------
Town of Bethel--------
Town of Brownfield--------
Town of Buckfield--------
Town of Denmark--------
Town of Dixfield--------
Town of East Andover--------
Town of Fryburgh--------
Town of Gilead--------
Town of Hartford--------
Town of Hebron--------
Town of Hiram--------
Town of Holmanstown--------
Howards Gore Plantation--------
Town of Jay--------
Town of Livermore--------
Town of Lovell--------
Town of Newry--------
Town of Norway--------
Town of Paris--------
Town of Porter[10]--------
Town of Rumford--------
Town of Sumner--------
Town of Sweden--------
Town of Turner1401391402828281-
Town of Waterford--------
Webbs Pond[11][12]333333888--


[4]"No. Voters, 7894. Make a choice, 3948." Governor's Council Records.
[5]A Protest was filed concerning the election in this district. Listed below is the Official Canvass counted by the Governor and Council: Whole number of votes: 7708, To make a choice: 3855, Lothrop Lewis 3901, Jacob Abbot 3893, Daniel Stowell 3886. As was the custom in the Official Canvass, only votes for those candidates elected were reported. A Minority [Republican] Protest against the election gives the following results as taken from returns submitted to the Secretary of State's Office. Whole number of votes: 7992, To make a choice: 3997, Lothrop Lewis 4001, Jacob Abbot 3995, Daniel Stowell 3989, Ebenezer Poor 3994, Jonathan Page 3979, Robert Iisley 3976, Scattering 40. The above does not include returns for Porter, not signed by Town Clerk, Plantation No. 5 / Webb's Pond , not on Tax Roll, Raymond, no declaration where votes were taken, and Harpswell, not returned in season. Plantation No. 5 was also called Webb's Pond and because of these dual names it was incorrectly listed among locations in the No Tax Roll, but actually their votes should have been counted. The Town Clerk of Raymond submitted a copy of the election in that town and this was included among the Minority Protest documents. Returns from Plantation No.5/Webb's Pond and Harpswell were also mentioned. The report also noted that in Freeport, 136 votes for the Republican candidates were incorrectly recorded as 36.
[6]The Minority Protest asserted, based on the above facts, that the Federal ticket was not duly elected. Returns from Plantation No. 5 also known as Webb's Pond, were listed on the No Tax roll, but under the designation of Plantation No. 5. However, as Webb's Pond, this location was listed on the Tax Roll and therefore legally entitled to have their votes counted. If those votes had been accepted, as according to the Minority Protest, they should be, then the whole number of votes would have been 8033, making a votes of 4017 necessary to be elected and only Ebenezer Poor would have been chosen. If the rejected votes from Raymond and Harpswell were counted and the under count from Freeport was corrected, then all the Republican candidates would have been elected. There is no mention in the newspapers that this report was accepted or any action taken to support the claims of the Minority Report.
[7]Incorrectly recorded as 36 votes.
[8]Rejected, not returned in season.
[9]Rejected, no declaration where votes were taken.
[10]Rejected, not signed by Town Clerk.
[11]Under the name Plantation No. 5, votes rejected, not on Tax Roll.
[12]Under the name Webb's Pond, votes should have been counted, as Webb's Pond was on Tax Roll.


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