New Jersey 1806 Assembly, Hunterdon County

Assembly (State)
New Jersey 1806 Assembly, Hunterdon County
New Jersey
First Ballot
Aaron Vansyckle, Joseph Hankinson, Joshua Wright, Nathan Stout, John Coryell, Dennis Wyckoff, Stephen Burrowes, William MacGill
Candidates: Aaron Vansyckle[1]Joseph Hankinson[2]Joshua Wright[3]Nathan Stout[4]John CoryellDennis WyckoffStephen BurrowesWilliam MacGill
Final Result: [5][6][7][8][9][10][11]23542310230122832177217421622152
Hunterdon County23542310230122832177217421622152


[5]The True American (Trenton, NJ) reports 2352 votes for Aaron Vansyckle, 2300 votes for Joseph Hankinson, 2307 votes for Joshua Wright, 2303 votes for Nathan Stout, 2186 votes for John Coryell, 2178 votes for Dennis Wyckoff, 2166 votes for Stephen Burrowes, and 2153 votes for William McGill.
[6]The True American (Trenton, NJ) reports 2352 votes for Aaron Vansyckle but the township totals add up to 2354.
[7]The True American (Trenton, NJ) reports 2186 votes for John Coryell but the township totals add up to 2178.
[8]The True American (Trenton, NJ) uses the spelling Burroughs for Stephen Burrowes.
[9]"Reports state that the republican Ticket has succeeded in Hunterdon." The Centinel of Freedom (Newark, NJ). October 21, 1806.
[10]"Election News.--The various reports in circulation last week relative to the result of the late election in the different counties in this state, were the cause of no small diversion among the politicians of Trenton. The countenances of the different partizans were alternately lengthened and contracted, as rumour, with her hundred tongues, every few hours changed the prospect before us. The Hunterdon contest was the first scene of the drama. After the Trenton votes were counted off and the news of the number of votes taken in Amwell arrived, our brethren of the democratic order looked like men forlorn--crossed with care, or sick with hopeless love. The federalists were proportionably elated, in as much as generally they had not calculated upon succeeding--bets were two to one that part of the federal ticket, if not the whole, was in. This lasted about twelve hours, when information arrived from the upper townships, and the scene was changed, demos up and feds down." Trenton Federalist (Trenton, NJ). October 27, 1806.
[11]"Republicans of the county of Hunterdon, ... if you are true to yourselves, you have nothing to fear.--You have in the county a large majority, if you will but bring it out--Your enemies may collect at their head quarters all the illegal votes they can muster, and you can still outnumber them with lawful votes.--They may scour their kitchens and stables--their cellars and garrets--of their inhabitants--they may bring in strangers and sojourners--those of non-age and no property--and all will answer no purpose.--If they ever succeed at all it must be by strategem--by surprize.--Let it therefore be impressed on your minds that you are to have an arduous struggle next fall--and that it will be your own fault if that struggle does not terminate in your victory, and the complete overthrow of your opponents. --A REPUBLICAN." The True American (Trenton, NJ). October 27, 1806.
[12]The True American (Trenton, NJ) reports 822 votes for Nathan Stout in Amwell.
[13]The True American (Trenton, NJ) reports 223 votes for Joseph Hankinson in Hopewell.
[14]The True American (Trenton, NJ) reports 257 votes for Joseph Hankinson, 263 votes for Joshua Wright, 258 votes for Nathan Stout, 93 votes for Dennis Wyckoff, and 85 votes for Stephen Burrowes in Kingwood.
[15]The True American (Trenton, NJ) reports 140 votes for Nathan Stout, 158 for John Coryell, 161 votes for Dennis Wyckoff, and 162 votes for William McGill in Lebanon.


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The Centinel of Freedom (Newark, NJ). October 21, 1806.
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The True American (Trenton, NJ). October 27, 1806.
The Centinel of Freedom (Newark, NJ). October 28, 1806.
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