New York 1815 Assembly, Ontario County

Assembly (State)
New York 1815 Assembly, Ontario County
New York
First Ballot
Thomas Lee, Henry Fellows, Myron Holley, Israel Chapin, Alexander Kelsey, Roger Sprague, Jonathan Child, Peter Allen, Asahel Warner, Foster Barnard, Caleb Hopkins, Jacob Dox, James Roseburgh, Samuel Lawrence, Russel Baker, Stephen Bates, Timothy Buell, John Hampton, John Rice, E. Peet, P. Ross, Henry Seymour
Candidates: Thomas LeeHenry FellowsMyron HolleyIsrael ChapinAlexander KelseyRoger SpragueJonathan ChildPeter AllenAsahel WarnerFoster BarnardCaleb HopkinsJacob DoxJames RoseburghSamuel LawrenceRussel BakerStephen BatesTimothy BuellJohn HamptonJohn RiceE. PeetP. RossHenry Seymour
Final Result: [1][2][3]3736372537233717370437013696369536943690368936863682367011111111
Ontario County3736372537233717370437013696369536943690368936863682367011111111
Town of Avon156156156156156156155155155156155155155155--------
Town of Benton191175174174163174289290289175285287284281--------
Town of Bloomfield37036936936937036695949536793949494-11----1
Town of Brighton6162616161594344446146444444--------
Town of Bristol19519619619519619566666519666656565--------
Town of Canandaigua212213212213211211207205207212205207205205--------
Town of Farmington119119119119119119148148148118148149148148--------
Town of Genesco10410410310410310493939310493939393--------
Town of Gorham201201201201201201215215215201215214214209--------
Town of Groveland40404040404012312312340123123122123---1----
Town of Honeoye137137137137137137101100100137101101101101--------
Town of Italy2424242424242121212421212121--------
Town of Jerusalem3030303030307171713071717171--------
Town of Lima11711711711711711793939211793939393--------
Town of Livonia126126127126126126165165165126165165163165--------
Town of Lyons8383848483838282828182838382--------
Town of Mendon9595969595958484859584848484--------
Town of Middlesex60606059606015315315360153152153152--------
Town of Naples6565666065635555566355535454--------
Town of Ontario39393939393910810810839107108108108--------
Town of Palmyra19319319319319319398989819398979897--------
Town of Penfield24724724724724724755555624756565556----111-
Town of Perinton4949494949494747474947474747--------
Town of Phelps169169169169168162271271270157271269271270--------
Town of Pittsford182183183183181181150151150180150149150150--------
Town of Seneca[4]1651671651671661652462472451582462442462401-------
Town of Sodus6363636362639090896289918991--------
Town of Sparta[5]2222221661651662166166166166--------
Town of Victor11611611611611511580808011579797979--------
Town of Williamson125125125125125125126126126125126126126126--------


[1]In a blatantly political act, the balance of power shifted to the Republicans when a transcribing error in Ontario County by election officials in the town of Perinton mistakenly recorded the name of Henry Fellows as Hen. Fellows. This lead to the election being contested by Peter Allen, who was initially seated, which then gave the Republicans a majority in the Assembly. After electing Republican members to the various legislative offices and Council of Appointment, they reconsidered their decision about seating Peter Allen and then awarded the seat to Henry Fellows.
[2]"Canandiagua, June 6 ELECTION: On entering the returns of votes from the several towns in this county, at the clerk's office, it appears that Col. Peter Allen is elected to the Assembly, in the room of Henry Fellows, Esq. This happened in consequence of informality in the return of the votes of the town of Perinton ~ The name of the latter gentleman was return Hen. Fellows, instead of Henry Fellows ~ which necessarily gives the Republican interest a preponderance in the next House of Assembly." Republican Star or General Advertiser (Easton, MD). June 20, 1815.
[3]"From the Albany Daily Advertiser (Albany, NY) the last anniversary election for members of Assembly, in the town of Perrington, in the county of Ontario, forty nine votes were given for Henry Fellows, by his name printed at full length; that the votes were duly canvassed by the inspectors of election, ....but in the certificate made by the said inspectors, and filed in the clerk's office, of the county of Ontario, the Christian name of the said Henry Fellows, was written with the abbreviation of Hen. Fellows.....Your committee further report that the whole number of votes at the said election, in and for the county of Ontario for Peter Allen was 3695; and for Henry Fellows, including those given for him by that name, in the town of Perrington, 3725. Your committee are; therefore, unanimously of the opinion that the seat of Peter Allen, Esq. should be vacated, and the petitioner be admitted as a member of this house." Norfolk Gazette and Publick Ledger (Norfolk, VA). February 27, 1816.
[4]Thomas Lee received 3 votes as Thomas Lee, Jr.
[5]Thomas Lee received 1 vote as Thomas Lee, Jr.


Original Election Returns.
Ontario Messenger (Canandaigua, NY). May 9, 1815.
Ontario Repository (Canandaigua, NY). May 9, 1815.
Geneva Gazette (Geneva, NY). May 10, 1815.
Republican Star or General Advertiser (Easton, MD). June 20, 1815.
Norfolk Gazette and Publick Ledger (Norfolk, VA). February 27, 1816.

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