Massachusetts 1804 U.S. House of Representatives, York District

U.S. House of Representatives (Federal)
U.S. Congressman
Massachusetts 1804 U.S. House of Representatives, York District
First Ballot
U.S. House of Representatives/U.S. Congressman
Richard Cutts, Joseph Leland, Daniel Cleaves, Moses Sweat, Nicholas Emery, Ichabod Fairfield, Isaac Lane
Candidates: Richard Cutts[1]Joseph LelandDaniel CleavesMoses SweatNicholas EmeryIchabod FairfieldIsaac Lane
Final Result: [2][3]14758744664111
District of York14758744664111
York County14758744664111
Town of Albany-104----
Town of Alfred161237----
Town of Arundel56692----
Town of Berwick160444----
Town of Bethel-1547----
Town of Biddeford351560--1-
Town of Brownfield381-----
Town of Buxton129395----
Town of Cornish3721----
Town of East Andover208-----
Town of Fryeburgh56435----
Town of Gilead-8-----
Hiram Plantation756----
Town of Kittery918-----
Town of Lebanon6749-----
Town of Limerick27405----
Town of Limington67283----
Town of Lovell158-----
Town of Lyman1452-----
Town of Newfield1561----
Town of Parsonsfield5454-----
Town of Pepperelboro143984-1-1
Town of Phillipsburg581017----
Town of Porterfield[4]42------
Town of Sandford107614---
Town of Shapleigh1710114----
Town of Waterborough155018----
Town of Waterford-715----
Town of Wells161113-----
Town of York423947----


[2]"Cornish, Porterfield, and Lovel, in York County, gave the Hon. Mr. CUTTS 94 votes, and but 10 against him, they also gave 84 votes for the Republican Electors, yet no return was received at Boston from either of those towns. We hope no blame is to be attached to the Selectmen of those towns--but this negligence ought to be traced to its source, as the choice of Representative and Electors might have been destroyed, and the votes of a majority of the County rendered ineffectual." Eastern Argus (Portland, ME). November 30, 1804.
[3]"A Correspondent congratulates the Repubicans of York on the re-election of the Hon. Mr. CUTTS. This election not only secures to the County a respectable and worthy Representative; is not only a triumph of sound judgment over base intrigue; but it holds out to public view the difficulty, nay the impossibility of deluding the enlightened citizens of this ancient County." Eastern Argus (Portland, ME). November 30, 1804.
[4]The votes from Porterfield were not included in the Original Election Returns.


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