New Hampshire 1804 State Senate, District 12

State Senate (State)
State Senator
New Hampshire 1804 State Senate, District 12
New Hampshire
First Ballot
State Senate/State Senator
Moses P. Payson, William Tarlton, Moses Busel, M. G. Gasson, scattering
Candidates: Moses P. Payson[1]William TarltonMoses BuselM. G. Gassonscattering
Final Result: 1012---257
District of Twelve1012-257--
Grafton County1012-257--
Town of Alexandria57----
Town of Bath10330---
Town of Bethlehem-----
Town of Bridgewater-----
Town of Campton-----
Town of Cockburne-----
Town of Colebrook-----
Town of Concord693---
Town of Coventry-----
Town of Dalton-----
Town of Danbury-----
Town of Ellsworth-----
Town of Franconia-----
Town of Groton5118---
Town of Haverhill-----
Town of Hebron4328---
Town of Jefferson-----
Town of Lancaster[2]754---
Town of Landaff-----
Town of Lincoln-----
Town of Littleton[3]3135---
Town of Lyman2244---
Town of New Chester-----
Town of New Holderness-----
Town of Northumberland204---
Town of Orange-----
Town of Peeling-----
Town of Percy-----
Town of Piermont1669---
Town of Plymouth10615---
Town of Rumney-----
Town of Stewartstown-----
Town of Stratford-3173-
Town of Thornton71----
Town of Warren-----
Town of Whitefield-----


[2]The Dartmouth Gazette (Hanover, NH) lists Moses P. Payson with 66 votes and William Tarlton with no votes.
[3]The Dartmouth Gazette (Hanover, NH) lists 45 votes for Moses P. Payson and 25 votes for William Tarlton.


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