New York 1822 State Senate, District 7

State Senate (State)
State Senator
New York 1822 State Senate, District 7
New York
First Ballot
State Senate/State Senator
Byram Green, Jonas Earll, Jr., Jesse Clark, Silas Bowker, Charles Kellogg, Hugh MacNair, William Chatfield, Foster Bernard, Myron Holley, Elijah Miller, Asahel M. Bennett, S. C. Dunham, William Minor, Samuel Lawrence, John Dickson, Herman H. Bogert, Archibald Green, John Greig, Nathaniel W. Howell, John W. Hurlburt, Wilhelmus Mynderse, Seymour Scovell, Isaac Sherwood, John C. Spencer, R. W. Stoddard, Gardner Wells, Leonard Westcott
Candidates: Byram GreenJonas Earll, Jr.Jesse ClarkSilas BowkerCharles KelloggHugh MacNairWilliam ChatfieldFoster BernardMyron HolleyElijah MillerAsahel M. BennettS. C. DunhamWilliam MinorSamuel LawrenceJohn DicksonHerman H. BogertArchibald GreenJohn GreigNathaniel W. HowellJohn W. HurlburtWilhelmus MynderseSeymour ScovellIsaac SherwoodJohn C. SpencerR. W. StoddardGardner WellsLeonard Westcott
Affiliation:supported by both partiesClintonianClintonianClintonian
Final Result: 13984106188096778068386599390732211111111112111111
District of Seven13984106188096778068386599390732211111111112111111
Cayuga County4336257025632537179517731773---111--------------
Town of Aurelius920571570553357351349---11---------------
Town of Brutus401163163163237238238--------------------
Town of Cato120949093282627--------------------
Town of Conquest118109109109101010--------------------
Town of Genoa212143143140706869-----1--------------
Town of Ira153959595605959--------------------
Town of Locke315204206208109107112--------------------
Town of Mentz354241240236114114112--------------------
Town of Owasco239127127127112112111--------------------
Town of Scipio652272272269392383381--------------------
Town of Sempronius593358358355237236236--------------------
Town of Sterling108989696141212--------------------
Town of Victory151959493555757--------------------
Onondaga County[1][2][3]3498222822172207129612881263------1-------------
Town of Camillus415272268267141139137--------------------
Town of Cicero76232323535353--------------------
Town of Fabius215164165165515051--------------------
Town of Lysander140787878626262--------------------
Town of Manlius469301301299171171165--------------------
Town of Marcellus541352349347201194194--------------------
Town of Onondaga459264252249212214196--------------------
Town of Otisco166252727142142138--------------------
Town of Pompey600455458458141141141--------------------
Town of Salina183112111111717271--------------------
Town of Spafford127105109109191820--------------------
Town of Tully107747574323232--------------------
Ontario County[4][5]420639842379217226172443761322----1111112111111
Town of Benton28227826219264194--------------------
Town of Bloomfield12912779844245---------------------
Town of Bristol164160676797974--------------------
Town of Canandaigua492163111119383393323-1-----1---11-------
Town of Farmington798464642022---------------------
Town of Gorham222204777515314616--------------------
Town of Hopewell184175475113613510--------------------
Town of Italy929067672323---------------------
Town of Jerusalem18518016813170175--------------------
Town of Lyons422425-4251343712--------------------
Town of Manchester15311410098535240--------------------
Town of Middlesex19219343180187---------------------
Town of Milo23627026655243132--------------------
Town of Naples979748485143---------------------
Town of Ontario104118119119-14---------------------
Town of Palmyra10519418918668---------------1----1
Town of Phelps114692340368380333--------------------
Town of Richmond2182061141199810012--------------------
Town of Seneca[6]3293592786429786-312-----111--2-1111-
Town of Sodus[7]162177371745144---------------------
Town of Victor1541551381361517---------------------
Town of Williamson91146121146-65---------------------
Seneca County21962013974103811351239110--------------------
Town of Covert254-25112532533--------------------
Town of Fayette321277311277273812--------------------
Town of Galen2582221392053811837--------------------
Town of Junius46028735220421825239--------------------
Town of Ovid289128712902904--------------------
Town of Romulus3287332183246246---------------------
Town of Wolcott286269197267188713--------------------


[1]Jonas Earll, Jr. received 3 votes for Jonas Earll.
[2]William Chatfield received 3 votes for William Chatfie.
[3]In Onondaga County one vote for Jesse Clark was listed in with the scattering votes.
[4]Jonas Earll, Jr. received 215 votes as Jonas Earll.
[5]Charles Kellogg received 6 votes as Charel Kellogg.
[6]Wilhelmus Mynderse received 1 vote as William Mynderse.
[7]The returns for the town of Sodus were rejected in the official canvass.


Original Election Returns.
Waterloo Republican (Waterloo, NY). November 13, 1822.
Cayuga Republican (Auburn, NY). November 20, 1822.
Geneva Gazette (Geneva, NY). November 20, 1822.
Oswego Palladium (Oswego, NY). November 20, 1822.
Waterloo Republican (Waterloo, NY). November 20, 1822.
Geneva Gazette (Geneva, NY). November 27, 1822.
Oswego Palladium (Oswego, NY). November 28, 1822.
The Albany Argus (Albany, NY). December 6, 1822.

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