New York 1809 Assembly, Herkimer County

Assembly (State)
New York 1809 Assembly, Herkimer County
New York
First Ballot
Rudolph Devendorff, Christopher P. Bellinger, Thomas Manly, John Mills, Samuel Woodworth, Westel Willoughby, Jr.
Candidates: Christopher P. BellingerWestel Willoughby, Jr.Samuel WoodworthRudolph DevendorffThomas ManlyJohn Mills
Final Result: [1][2][3][4]136613481345134213111311
Herkimer County136613481345134213111311
Town of Fairfield[5]150153150148153153
Town of Frankfort757973727878
Town of German Flats912048273191193
Town of Herkimer166147160158140141
Town of Litchfield236111235236108109
Town of Newport120102120119102100
Town of Norway859685849493
Town of Russia148161501491514
Town of Schuyler551905555190183
Town of Warren240250235248240247


[1]The Republican Watch-Tower (New York, NY), New-York Evening Post (New York, NY) and New-York Herald (New York, NY) use the name Davendorf for Rudolph Devendorff.
[2]The New-York Evening Post (New York, NY) and New-York Herald (New York, NY) use the name Woodward for Samuel Woodworth and the spelling Willoby for Westel Willoughby, Jr.
[3]The New-York Evening Post (New York, NY) and New-York Herald (New York, NY) report 1365 votes for Rudolph Devendorff.
[4]"Extract of a letter to the Editors, dated Herkimer County, Village of Alexandria, Fairfield Academy, April 2, 1809. 'The great struggle that has for some time agitated the state, is now over--and it is to be feared that the western district if not the state, has fallen victim to the deception and artifice which has been played out by tories and apostate whigs. In this county, whose representation in the last legislature, consisted of three republicans, two federalists and one republican are elected. But from the independence, good sense and proverbial candor of one of the gentlemen who are now called federalists there is very good ground for hope, that the late glorious demonstration of the wisdom of the measures of the late administration, will induce him to support the interests of the country, regardless of the mean and despicable artifices by which he has been elected. Six years residence in Utica, has afforded me a tolerable opportunity of becoming acquainted with political characters in the W. district, as with the politics of the state. I regret that the result of my observation convinces me, that if we have fallen it is owing wholly to the false security and culpable inactivity of republicans! While federalists have done everything exerted every nerve and unhesitatingly made use of every means, however base and shameful, the REPUBLICANS have done nothing!--There are instances, not only in this, but in Oneida, and other neighboring counties susceptible of proof, where federal merchants and lawyers have sold their establishments in one part of a county and town, and have removed to another part of the same town and county, or to an adjoining county, for the sole and only purpose of electioneering, Personal influence on the part federalism has appeared in every shape that devils would assume, and in the most threatening attitudes, brandished its iron sceptre over the dependence of poverty and cringing servility; and, where these could not succeed, direct, palpable and barefaced bribery has been the resort.--These unprecendented and unwarrantable exertion have evidently two objects in view -- First to usurp the state and national administration and place the government in the hands of men who are completely in the interest of the British cabinet -- And secondly, by converting the sacred ceremonies of the elective franchise into an annual exhibition of fraud, violence, and turmoil, and to make the people sick of elections, and thus prepare the way for that system of government WHICH HAMILTON PLANNED, and which when once established, is beyond the reach of all earthly power. They know that the natural sea of liberty is pleasant and delightful, and that the people will prefer to sail upon it, until the whirlwinds and tempests of faction drive them from it, and compel them to seek refuge in the death-like, joyless calm of monarchy and despotism.'" The Public Advertiser (New York, NY). May 8, 1809.
[5]The Republican Watch-Tower (New York, NY) reports 43 votes for John Mills, however it reports the same number of total votes for the county as do the other sources.


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