Illinois 1819 U.S. House of Representatives, Special

U.S. House of Representatives (Federal)
U.S. Congressman
Illinois 1819 U.S. House of Representatives, Special
First Ballot
U.S. House of Representatives/U.S. Congressman
Daniel P. Cook, John MacLean, Jonathan Mayo, Hugh H. Maxwell
Candidates: Daniel P. CookJohn MacLeanJonathan MayoHugh H. Maxwell
Final Result: 2339159911
Alexander County532--
Bond County592--
Town of Powers23---
Town of Ripley362--
Clark County61231-
District of One24---
District of Two177--
District of Three116--
District of Four19---
Crawford County82187--
Town of Allison4023--
Town of Palestine4151--
Town of Union3813--
Edwards County31143--
Town of Bon Pas-37--
Town of Coffee67--
Town of Embarras-16--
Town of Palmyra2583--
Franklin County29100--
Gallatin County6171--
Town of Monroe-23--
Town of Rock and Cave-15--
Town of Saline418--
Town of Shawnee2115--
Jackson County10448--
Jefferson County636--
Johnson County3818--
Town of Cash194--
Town of Eloise1914--
Madison County48183--
Town of Goshen16718--
Town of Greenfield6344--
Town of Macoupin24---
Town of Piasa19---
Town of Ridge Prairie882--
Town of Sangamo281--
Town of Silver Creek516--
Town of Six Mile2912--
Town of Wood River36---
Monroe County18055--
Town of Belle Fountaine81---
Town of Eagle15---
Town of Harrison5549--
Town of Mitchie296--
Pope County43140--
Town of Belgrade-28--
Town of Golconda4250--
Town of Monroe162--
Randolph County240128-1
Town of Kaskaskia9564--
Town of Mary282--
Town of Plum Creek4912--
Town of Prairie du Rocher1335--
Town of Springfield3210--
Town of Williamsburg235--
Saint Clair County47977--
Town of Belleville10527--
Town of Ogle454--
Town of Turkey Hill70---
Union County15887--
Town of Cash340--
Town of Jonesboro15547--
Washington County14111--
Town of Carlyle357--
Town of Covington501--
Town of Crooked Creek24---
Town of Sugar Creek323--
Wayne County-59--
White County[1]49182--
Town of Big Prairie2121--
Town of Fox River250--
Town of North421--
Town of West2290--


[1]Includes the return for the town missing in the Pease collection.


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