Vermont 1821 Governor

Governor (State)
Vermont 1821 Governor
First Ballot
Richard Skinner, Charles Marsh, Samuel Strong, Charles K. Williams, Dudley Chase, Titus Hutchinson, William Cahoon, Isaac Johnson, Martin Chittenden, Jonas Galusha, Jonathan H. Hubbard, Chauncey Langdon, James Tarbox, Isaac Tichenor, William White, Asa Aldis, scattering
Candidates: Richard Skinner[1]Charles MarshSamuel StrongCharles K. WilliamsDudley ChaseTitus HutchinsonWilliam CahoonIsaac JohnsonMartin ChittendenJonas GalushaJonathan H. HubbardChauncey LangdonJames TarboxIsaac TichenorWilliam WhiteAsa Aldisscattering
Final Result: 1257718177644321111111114
Addison County[2]1122-------------1-9
Town of Addison-----------------
Town of Bridport95----------------
Town of Bristol73---------------3
Town of Cornwall90----------------
Town of Ferrisburgh19----------------
Town of Goshen21----------------
Town of Hancock37----------------
Town of Kingston24----------------
Town of Leicester54----------------
Town of Lincoln11----------------
Town of Middlebury123---------------2
Town of Monkton94---------------1
Town of New Haven71---------------2
Town of Panton46---------------1
Town of Salisbury44----------------
Town of Shoreham92----------------
Town of Starksboro39----------------
City of Vergennes45-------------1--
Town of Warren[3]43----------------
Town of Weybridge60----------------
Town of Whiting41----------------
Bennington County991--1------------21
Town of Arlington36----------------
Town of Bennington185--1-------------
Town of Dorset44--------------7-
Town of Landgrove18---------------1
Town of Manchester90---------------4
Town of Peru20----------------
Town of Pownal154----------------
Town of Readsboro14----------------
Town of Rupert91----------------
Town of Sandgate75----------------
Town of Shaftsbury197----------------
Town of Stamford-----------------
Town of Sunderland39---------------9
Town of Windhall9----------------
Town of Woodford19----------------
Caledonia County10531--------------3
Town of Barnet46----------------
Town of Burke45----------------
Town of Cabot58----------------
Town of Danville199----------------
Town of Groton15----------------
Town of Hardwick41----------------
Town of Kirby34----------------
Town of Lyndon126----------------
Town of Peacham45----------------
Town of Ryegate30----------------
Town of Saint Johnsbury1051---------------
Town of Sheffield[4]67----------------
Town of Sutton63----------------
Town of Walden53----------------
Town of Waterford46---------------3
Town of Wheelock46----------------
Town of Woodbury34----------------
Chittenden County[5]699-----3------1--1
Town of Bolton31---------------1
Town of Burlington59----------------
Town of Charlotte92----------------
Town of Colchester40----------------
Town of Essex85-----3----------
Town of Hinesburgh16----------------
Town of Huntington32----------------
Town of Jericho32------------1---
Town of Mansfield6----------------
Town of Milton61----------------
Town of Richmond27----------------
Town of Saint George18----------------
Town of Shelburne41----------------
Town of Underhill49----------------
Town of Westford34----------------
Town of Williston76----------------
Essex County223------2---------
Town of Brunswick[6]21----------------
Town of Canaan3----------------
Town of Concord31----------------
Town of Granby[7]-----------------
Town of Guildhall45----------------
Town of Lemington19----------------
Town of Lunenburg[8]54------2---------
Town of Maidstone22----------------
Town of Minehead10----------------
Town of Newark18----------------
Franklin County9701717-------1----111
Town of Bakersfield24----------------
Town of Belvidere7----------------
Town of Berkshire[9]32---------------3
Town of Cambridge75----------------
Town of Enosburgh50---------------6
Town of Fairfax95----------------
Town of Fairfield61----------------
Town of Fletcher27---------------2
Town of Franklin[10]36----------------
Town of Georgia[11]87--------------1-
Town of Highgate69----------------
Town of Johnson411---------------
Town of Montgomery17----------------
Town of Richford37----------------
Town of Saint Albans1271617-------1------
Town of Sheldon44----------------
Town of Sterling[12]-----------------
Town of Swanton141----------------
Grand Isle County149----------------
Town of Alburg33----------------
Town of Middle Hero30----------------
Town of North Hero29----------------
Town of South Hero26----------------
Town of Vineyard31----------------
Orange County1321-----------1---7
Town of Bradford60----------------
Town of Braintree35----------------
Town of Brookfield82----------------
Town of Chelsea126----------------
Town of Corinth66----------------
Town of Fairlee66---------------1
Town of Newbury100----------------
Town of Orange41----------------
Town of Randolph190-----------1----
Town of Stafford141----------------
Town of Thetford60----------------
Town of Topsham55---------------5
Town of Tunbridge111----------------
Town of Vershire59----------------
Town of Washington69----------------
Town of Williamstown60---------------1
Orleans County[13]459---------------1
Town of Albany[14]19----------------
Town of Barton20---------------1
Town of Brownington25----------------
Town of Coventry[15]-----------------
Town of Craftsbury70----------------
Town of Derby23----------------
Town of Eden12----------------
Town of Elmore36----------------
Town of Glover11----------------
Town of Greensborough34----------------
Town of Holland11----------------
Town of Hyde Park[16]-----------------
Town of Irasburg51----------------
Town of Kellyvale21----------------
Town of Morgan22----------------
Town of Morristown39----------------
Town of Navy23----------------
Town of Newport16----------------
Town of Troy9----------------
Town of Westfield[17]17----------------
Rutland County1499--36----1-1----56
Town of Benson100---1------------
Town of Brandon65----------1-----
Town of Castleton51---------------7
Town of Chittenden24----------------
Town of Clarendon88---------------1
Town of Danby69---------------17
Town of Fairhaven73----------------
Town of Hubbardton42---------------4
Town of Ira39----------------
Town of Middletown68----------------
Town of Mount Holly59----------------
Town of Mount Tabor9---------------3
Town of Orwell109--3-------------
Town of Parkerstown21----------------
Town of Pawlett100---------------17
Town of Pittsfield18----------------
Town of Pittsford68----------------
Town of Poultny37---------------4
Town of Rutland125---5----1-------
Town of Sherburne[18]-----------------
Town of Shrewsbury88----------------
Town of Sudbury85---------------1
Town of Tinmouth17---------------2
Town of Wallingford83----------------
Town of Wells61----------------
Washington County836--3------------4
Town of Barre38---------------1
Town of Berlin64----------------
Town of Calais58----------------
Town of Duxbury27---------------2
Town of Fayston[19]-----------------
Town of Marshfield47----------------
Town of Middlesex50----------------
Town of Montpelier172---2------------
Town of Moretown45----------------
Town of Northfield[20]59--1------------1
Town of Plainfield30----------------
Town of Roxbury43----------------
Town of Stow48----------------
Town of Waitsfield67----------------
Town of Waterbury82----------------
Town of Worcester6----------------
Windham County1398----3-12-------1
Town of Athens43----------------
Town of Brattleboro68----------------
Town of Dover61----------------
Town of Dummerston41----------------
Town of Grafton55------1---------
Town of Guilford91----------------
Town of Halifax69---------------1
Town of Jamaica24----------------
Town of Londonderry52----------------
Town of Marlboro37----------------
Town of Newfane64----------------
Town of Putney85----------------
Town of Rockingham116----3-----------
Town of Somerset21----------------
Town of Stratton23----------------
Town of Townshend48----------------
Town of Vernon19-------2--------
Town of Wardsboro115----------------
Town of Westminster171----------------
Town of Whitingham79----------------
Town of Wilmington68----------------
Town of Windham48----------------
Windsor County[21]1857----11----------
Town of Andover[22]-----------------
Town of Baltimore[23]-----------------
Town of Barnard98----------------
Town of Bethel70----------------
Town of Bridgewater[24]-----------------
Town of Cavendish168----------------
Town of Chester147----------------
Town of Hartford104-----1----------
Town of Hartland119----------------
Town of Ludlow42----------------
Town of Norwich54----------------
Town of Plymouth27----------------
Town of Pomfret59----------------
Town of Reading56----1-----------
Town of Rochester48----------------
Town of Royalton71----------------
Town of Sharon53----------------
Town of Springfield157----------------
Town of Stockbridge[25]60----------------
Town of Weathersfield113----------------
Town of Weston119----------------
Town of Windsor130----------------
Town of Woodstock162----------------


[2]The Original Election Returns lists 1133 votes for Richard Skinner in Addison County; however, the sum of totals per town is 1122.
[3]The Original Election Returns lists 44 votes for Richard Skinner in Warren.
[4]The Original Election Returns lists 77 votes for Richard Skinner in Sheffield.
[5]The Original Election Returns tally sheet lists 653 votes for Richard Skinner in Chittenden; however, the sum of totals per town is 699.
[6]The Original Election Returns lists 19 votes for Richard Skinner in Brunswick.
[7]There were no votes recorded in Granby.
[8]The Lunenburg Town Records lists 56 votes for Richard Skinner.
[9]The Journal of the Vermont General Assembly reports 2 scattering votes in Berkshire.
[10]According to the Franklin Town Records, 85 freemen voted.
[11]The Original Election Returns and The Journal of the Vermont General Assembly report 8 votes for Richard Skinner and 2 scattering votes in Berkshire.
[12]There were no votes recorded in Sterling.
[13]The Original Election Returns lists 440 votes for Richard Skinner in Orleans Coumty; however, the sum of totals per town is 459.
[14]The votes from Albany were rejected.
[15]There were no votes recorded in Coventry.
[16]There were no votes recorded in Hyde Park.
[17]The Westfield Town Records does not list any votes for Richard Skinner.
[18]There were no votes recorded in Sherburne.
[19]There were no votes recorded in Fayston.
[20]The Northfield Town Records does not list any votes for Richard Skinner, only one vote for Dudley Chase.
[21]The Original Election Returns lists 1849 votes for Richard Skinner in Windsor County; however, the sum of totals per town is 1857.
[22]There were no votes recorded in Andover.
[23]There were no votes recorded in Baltimore.
[24]There were no votes recorded in Bridgewater.
[25]The Original Election Returns lists 52 votes for Richard Skinner in Stockbridge.


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