Connecticut 1823 Lieutenant Governor, Ballot 2

Lieutenant Governor (State)
Lieutenant Governor
Connecticut 1823 Lieutenant Governor, Ballot 2
Second Ballot
Lieutenant Governor/Lieutenant Governor
David Plant, Elias Perkins, Zephaniah Swift, Timothy Pitkin, scattering
Candidates: David Plant[1]Elias PerkinsZephaniah SwiftTimothy Pitkinscattering
Final Result: [2][3][4]137411953
General Assembly137411953


[2]"On Thusday last, the HON. DAVID PLANT was elected LIEUT. GOVERNOR, by a joint ballot of the two branches of the legislature; he receiving 137, out of 205 votes. Many of the federalists we understand voted for him, and on the ground of opposing, at all times, regular nominations. But 24 votes were polled for federal candidates." American Mercury (Hartford, CT). May 13, 1823.
[3]"This is as it should be. The wishes of the People have at length prevailed over the influence of select Caucuses. Had the Legislature made the choice of any other person for the office of Lieut. Governor, they would have rendered themselves justly obnoxious to a majority of their constituents, and have been made answerable for the distracting consequences to the republican cause." Connecticut Herald (New Haven, CT). May 13, 1823.
[4]"This vote conclusively shows, that if a candidate is nominated by the General Caucus, who is repugnant to the great mass of Republican electors, he cannot succeed. We trust, that the strong expression of public feeling given by the freemen of this State, and the still stronger one manifested vy the votes of their representatives, will teach the members of a Caucus to be more careful in their nominations, and not to attempt to thrust any one, who has been connected with the advocates of the Hartford Convention, upon the Republicans of this State." American Sentinel (Middletown, CT). May 14, 1823.


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