Pennsylvania 1787 Constitutional Convention

Constitutional Convention (State)
Convention Delegate
Pennsylvania 1787 Constitutional Convention
First Ballot
Constitutional Convention/Convention Delegate
yes, no
Candidates: yesno
Final Result: [1][2]4623
Bedford County-2
James Martain-1
Joseph Powell-1
Berks County-5
John Bishop-1
Joseph Hiester-1
Abraham Lincoln-1
John Ludwig-1
Nicholas Lutz-1
Bucks County4-
John Barclay1-
Abraham Stout1-
Henry Wynkoop1-
Thomas Yardly1-
Chester County6-
Thomas Bull1-
Thomas Cheyney1-
Richard Downing1-
William Gibbons1-
John Hannum1-
Anthony Wayne1-
Cumberland County-4
John Harris-1
Jonathan Hoge-1
John Reynolds-1
Robert Whitehill-1
Dauphin County-3
William Brown-1
John A. Hannah-1
Adam Orth-1
Fayette County-2
Nathaniel Breading-1
John Smilie-1
Franklin County11
John Allison1-
Richard Baird-1
Huntingdon County1-
Benjamin Elliot1-
Lancaster County51
Stephen Chambers1-
Robert Coleman1-
Sebastian Graff1-
John Hubley1-
John Whitehill-1
Jasper Yates1-
Luzerne County1-
Timothy Pickering1-
Montgomery County4-
James Morris1-
Frederick A. Muhlenberg1-
John Richards1-
Jonathan Roberts1-
Northampton County4-
John Arndt1-
Stephen Balliot1-
David Deshler1-
Joseph Horsefield1-
Northumberland County2-
John Boyd1-
William Wilson1-
City of Philadelphia5-
Hilary Baker1-
George Latimer1-
Thomas MacKean1-
Benjamin Rush1-
James Wilson1-
Philadelphia County5-
Samuel Ashmead1-
Enoch Edwards1-
George Gray1-
John Hunn1-
William MacPherson1-
Washington County22
James Edgar-1
James Marshall-1
John Nevill1-
Thomas Scott1-
Westmoreland County-3
John Baird-1
William Findley-1
William Todd-1
York County6-
John Black1-
Thomas Campbell1-
David Grier1-
Thomas Hartley1-
Benjamin Pedan1-
Henry Slagle1-


[1]Elected county delegates voted on the ratification of the new United States Constituion. Pennsylvania became the second state to ratify the Constitution on December 12, 1787, five days after Delaware became the first.
[2]"Wednesday last, in the Convention of this State, on motion of Mr. Hartly, seconded by Mr. Chambers, the original question, as moved by Mr. M'Kean, viz. 'Will this Convention assent to and ratify the Constitution agreed to on the 17th of September last, by the Convention of the United States of America, held at Philadelphia,' was put, and carried in the affirmative." The Pennsylvania Journal and the Weekly Advertiser (Philadelphia, PA). December 15, 1787.


The Pennsylvania Journal and the Weekly Advertiser (Philadelphia, PA). December 1, 1787.
The Pennsylvania Journal and the Weekly Advertiser (Philadelphia, PA). December 15, 1787.

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