Massachusetts 1808 State Senate, Essex County

State Senate (State)
State Senator
Massachusetts 1808 State Senate, Essex County
First Ballot
State Senate/State Senator
Enoch Titcomb, John Heard, William Gray, Samuel Putnam, Nathaniel Thurston, John Phillips, Jr.
Candidates: Enoch Titcomb[1]John Heard[2]William Gray[3]Samuel Putnam[4]Nathaniel Thurston[5]John Phillips, Jr.[6]
Final Result: [7][8]558555535549554255345524
Essex County558555535549554255345524
Town of Amesbury[9]------
Town of Andover[10]------
Town of Beverly[11]------
Town of Boxford[12]------
Town of Bradford[13]------
Town of Danvers[14]------
Town of Gloucester[15]------
Town of Hamilton[16]------
Town of Haverhill[17]------
Town of Ipswich[18]------
Town of Lynn[19]------
District of Lynnfield[20]------
Town of Manchester[21]------
Town of Marblehead[22][23]------
Town of Metheun[24]------
Town of Middleton[25]------
Town of Newbury[26]------
Town of Newburyport[27]------
Town of Rowley[28]------
Town of Salem[29]------
Town of Salisbury[30]------
Town of Topsfield[31]------
Town of Wenham[32]------


[7]"No. Voters, 10050. Make a choice, 5026." Governor's Council Records.
[8]The Newburyport Herald April 5, 1808 and the Salem Gazette (Salem, MA) April 5, 1808 list only the vote for the highest of each party. The Federalist total was 5597 and the Republican total was 4505.
[9]Highest vote Federalist ticket 99, Republican ticket 96.
[10]Highest vote Federalist ticket 240, Republican ticket 233.
[11]Highest vote Federalist ticket 510, Republican ticket 144.
[12]Highest vote Federalist ticket 128, Republican ticket 27.
[13]Highest vote Federalist ticket 153, Republican ticket 56.
[14]Highest vote Federalist ticket 296, Republican ticket 182.
[15]Highest vote Federalist ticket 412, Republican ticket 362.
[16]Highest vote Federalist ticket 122, Republican ticket 34.
[17]Highest vote Federalist ticket 197, Republican ticket 164.
[18]Highest vote Federalist ticket 336, Republican ticket 191.
[19]Highest vote Federalist ticket 273, Republican ticket 418.
[20]Highest vote Federalist ticket 45, Republican ticket 18.
[21]Highest vote Federalist ticket 119, Republican ticket 5.
[22]Highest vote Federalist ticket 54, Republican ticket 732.
[23]The Essex Register April 6, 1808 listed the highest vote on the Federalist ticket 54, Republican ticket 732.
[24]Highest vote Federalist ticket 103, Republican ticket 85.
[25]Highest vote Federalist ticket 51, Republican ticket 53.
[26]Highest vote Federalist ticket 415, Republican ticket 200.
[27]Highest vote Federalist ticket 664, Republican ticket 339.
[28]Highest vote Federalist ticket 181, Republican ticket 85.
[29]Highest vote Federalist ticket 887, Republican ticket 892.
[30]Highest vote Federalist ticket 135, Republican ticket 140.
[31]Highest vote Federalist ticket 125, Republican ticket 36.
[32]Highest vote Federalist ticket 53, Republican ticket 22.


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