Massachusetts 1802 U.S. House of Representatives, Hampshire North District

U.S. House of Representatives (Federal)
U.S. Congressman
Massachusetts 1802 U.S. House of Representatives, Hampshire North District
First Ballot
U.S. House of Representatives/U.S. Congressman
Hugh MacClellan, John Williams, Samuel Taggert, Solomon Smead, Joseph Lyman, Solomon Vose, Edward Upham, Zebina Montague, John Hastings, Benjamin Smith, Warren Pierce, David Persons, William Pomeroy
Candidates: Hugh MacClellanJohn WilliamsSamuel TaggertSolomon SmeadJoseph LymanSolomon VoseEdward UphamZebina MontagueJohn HastingsBenjamin SmithWarren PierceDavid PersonsWilliam Pomeroy
Final Result: [1][2][3]508262257211174138908252111
District of Hampshire North508262257211174138908252111
Hampshire County508262257211174138908252111
Town of Amherst-6-3-33436-----
Town of Ashfield153-1--3------
Town of Bernardston18--29-1-------
Town of Buckland39-203---------
Town of Charlemont34--6---------
Town of Chesterfield122--42-4-5----
Town of Colrain--541---1-----
Town of Conway3622-40---------
Town of Cummington50------------
Town of Deerfield555--5--------
Town of Gill29---1--------
Town of Goshen101--1310-------
Town of Greenfield436623---------
Town of Greenwich-----151512-----
Town of Hatfield28--1317-1-----
Town of Hawley722--3--------
Town of Heath[4]-------------
Town of Leverett224---215------
District of Leyden1-239---12-----
Town of Montague39-----1------
Town of New Salem64-11--74--1--
Town of Northfield1020-21-31-----1
District of Orange-9-9-17------
Town of Pelham-120--13-6-1-1-
District of Plainfield----28--------
Town of Rowe2-327-1-------
Town of Shelburne-5694---------
Town of Shutesbury--54----------
Town of Sunderland18---15-10-1---
Town of Warwick320-13-731------
Town of Wendell402----2------
Town of Whately8---839-------
Town of Williamsburg230--421-------


[1]Massachusetts law required a majority for election to the U.S. House of Representatives. A second Trial would be held on January 24, 1803.
[2]"As we mentioned in our last, the federal votes in this district are scattered among several candidates, viz.--Hon. HUGH McCLALLEN, of Colrain, who has 429; Rev. SAMUEL TAGGART, of Colrain, 297; JOHN WILLIAMS, Esq of Deerfield, 238; SOLOMON VOSE, Esq. of Northfield, 96; SOLOMON SMEAD, Esq. of Greenfield, 211; Rev. JOSEPH LYMAN, of Hatfield, 166; E. UPHAM, Esq. the democratic Chronicle candidate, 73. We have already anticipated that Mr. McCLALLEN will be the Representative of this district; and we think the next trial will decide it in his favour." Columbian Centinel. Massachusetts Federalist (Boston, MA). November 17, 1802.
[3]"In Hampshire North District,--there is no choice. On the next trial SOLOMON SMEAD Esquire of Greenfield, will be the only Republican candidate." The National Aegis (Worcester, MA). November 10, 1802.
[4]There were no votes recorded in Heath.


Original Election Returns. Massachusetts State Archives, Boston.
The National Aegis (Worcester, MA). November 10, 1802.
Columbian Centinel. Massachusetts Federalist (Boston, MA). November 17, 1802.

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