Connecticut 1814 U.S. House of Representatives, Nomination

U.S. House of Representatives (Federal)
U.S. Congressman
Connecticut 1814 U.S. House of Representatives, Nomination
First Ballot
U.S. House of Representatives/U.S. Congressman
Lyman Law, Jonathan O. Mosely, Sylvanus Backus, Lewis B. Sturges, Benjamin Talmadge, Timothy Pitkin, Jr., Nathan Smith, Epaphroditus Champion, Samuel B. Sherwood, James Gould, Nathaniel Terry, Ebenezer Huntingdon, John Davenport, Jr., Uriel Holmes, Jr., Asa Bacon, Jr., Charles Dennison, Sylvester Gilbert, Thomas S. Williams, Moses Warren, James Morris, John Tallmadge, David S. Boardman, Bebee Hind
Candidates: Lyman Law[1]Jonathan O. Mosely[2]Sylvanus Backus[3]Lewis B. Sturges[4]Benjamin Talmadge[5]Timothy Pitkin, Jr.[6]Nathan Smith[7]Epaphroditus Champion[8]Samuel B. Sherwood[9]James Gould[10]Nathaniel Terry[11]Ebenezer Huntingdon[12]John Davenport, Jr.[13]Uriel Holmes, Jr.[14]Asa Bacon, Jr.[15]Charles Dennison[16]Sylvester Gilbert[17]Thomas S. Williams[18]Moses WarrenJames MorrisJohn TallmadgeDavid S. BoardmanBebee Hind
Final Result: [19][20][21]628961896158615161106080606460505919577157695712560452625146505249744713104----
Fairfield County-----------------------
Hartford County-----------------------
Litchfield County-----------------------
Town of Warren697167717071657068696269686763504451-36331410
Middlesex County-----------------------
New Haven County-----------------------
New London County-----------------------
Tolland County-----------------------
Windham County-----------------------


[19]The Republicans ran no list for Congress, however there was some scattering votes for men of Republican politics, of which Moses Warren received the highest votes cast. Newspapers only gave the vote for Warren and stated that it was the highest cast for any Republican.
[20]"Mr. Davenport lost 149 votes, by the carelessness of the returning officers in omitting the word Jun. Mr. Pitkin lost 109 by the addition of Jun. Mr. Bacon lost 108 by the omission of the same work; and Mr. Williams lost 111 by the omission of the letter S in his name. It is much to be regretted, that this blundering should be continued. The highest democratic vote was for Moses Warren, 104." Connecticut Mirror (Hartford, CT). May 23, 1814.
[21]"In publishing the Nomination for Congress, a week or two since, it was stated that a number of votes had been lost to several of the gentlemen by carelessness in the returns. A material error occurred in the case of Mr. Davenport, which was not noticed in season to be corrected. It was stated that his lost votes amounted to 149; whereas they in fact amounted to 649." Connecticut Mirror (Hartford, CT). June 5, 1814.


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