Pennsylvania 1804 House of Representatives, Adams County

House of Representatives (State)
State Representative
Pennsylvania 1804 House of Representatives, Adams County
First Ballot
House of Representatives/State Representative
William Miller, Andrew Shriver, George Lashells, John Fickes
Candidates: William Miller[1]Andrew Shriver[2]George LashellsJohn Fickes
Final Result: [3][4]552546233226
Adams County552546233226
District of One[5]21421110197


[3]"We have no accounts from York; but indeed we have our fears that federalists will succeed in the election of a member to Congress; not by the strength of federalists, but by divisions amongst the republicans, of which they will take advantage - we are concerned to state, that many of those calling themselves republicans, have so far abandoned principle, as to seek for private or personal interest, at the expence [sic] of public good, and lo! have tacked themselves to the haggard tail of federalism in order to secure it --- May such republicanism be spurned by every lover of his country." The Adams Centinel (Gettysburg, PA). October 12, 1804.
[4]"It is stated in The York Recorder (York, PA) of the 11th inst. that the moderate republican ticket, carried against the Jacobin ticket, throughout the county, by an average majority of 200 votes. This ticket which has been termed "moderate republican," is not only moderate but a modern kind of republican, being composed, as we understand, of apostates and federalists, and no doubt, it is very moderate with respect to the welfare of republicanism." The Adams Centinel (Gettysburg, PA). October 18, 1804.
[5]"The following we believe is a correct list of the votes given in the first district at Gettysburg." The Adams Centinel (Gettysburg, PA). October 12, 1803.


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