Massachusetts 1813 House of Representatives, Roxbury

House of Representatives (State)
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Massachusetts 1813 House of Representatives, Roxbury
First Ballot
House of Representatives/State Representative
Crowel Hatch, Abijah Draper, Lemuel Le Barron, William Brewer, Joseph Curtis, Jonathan Dorr, Ebenezer Brewer, Aaron Kingsbury
Candidates: Crowel Hatch[1]Abijah Draper[2]Lemuel Le Barron[3]William Brewer[4]Joseph CurtisJonathan DorrEbenezer BrewerAaron Kingsbury
Final Result: [5][6][7]222220219214212131
Town of Roxbury222220219214212131


[5]"The whole number of ballots given in by the Voters present was 248. Necessary to make a choice 125." Boston Patriot (Boston, MA). July 24, 1813.
[6]"Whereupon Abijah Draper, Esq. Dr. Lemuel Le Barron, Crowel Hatch and William Brewer, Esq. having a majority of all the votes given in by the Voters present, were declared by the Selectmen duly elected." Boston Patriot (Boston, MA). July 24, 1813.
[7]"At a meeting for the choice of one or more representatives, the selectmen stated that the town was entitled to four, and called on the voters to bring in votes for from one to four. A motion was made and seconded to send two and no more, and this the selectmen, as they had previously determined to do, refused to put or to permit debate upon. Great excitement followed this decision, in the mist of which a motion to adjourn was made and seconded, but the selectmen refused to put it, one of them giving as a reason for such refusal, that there were votes in the ballot boxes. Many voters left the meeting, and other refused to vote. Four persons were declared elected. It was held that the election was not free, and therefore void." Boston Patriot (Boston, MA). July 24, 1813. The report by the committee on elections which declared the seats of those elected void was accepted by the House on a vote of 169 to 73 and those seats declared vacated.


Boston Patriot (Boston, MA). July 24, 1813.

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