Massachusetts 1809 House of Representatives, Boston

House of Representatives (State)
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Massachusetts 1809 House of Representatives, Boston
First Ballot
House of Representatives/State Representative
Ebenezer T. Andrews, John T. Apthorp, William Brown, Benjamin Bussey, John Callender, Francis D. Channing, Samuel Cobb, Charles Davis, Thomas Dennie, Warren Dutton, Simon Elliot, William Hammett, Joseph Head, Jonathan Hunewell, Charles Jackson, Oliver Keating, Josiah Knapp, George G. Lee, Joseph MacKean, Daniel Messinger, John Parker, William Phillips, James Robinson, Benjamin Russell, Daniel Sargent, William Smith, William Sullivan, Thomas Sumner, William H. Sumner, Ephraim Thayer, William Walter, Nathan Webb, Benjamin Weld, Jacob Welsh, David West, Benjamin Whitman, Francis Wright
Candidates: Ebenezer T. Andrews[1]John T. Apthorp[2]William Brown[3]Benjamin Bussey[4]John Callender[5]Francis D. Channing[6]Samuel Cobb[7]Charles Davis[8]Thomas Dennie[9]Warren Dutton[10]Simon Elliot[11]William Hammett[12]Joseph Head[13]Jonathan Hunewell[14]Charles Jackson[15]Oliver Keating[16]Josiah Knapp[17]George G. Lee[18]Joseph MacKean[19]Daniel Messinger[20]John Parker[21]William Phillips[22]James Robinson[23]Benjamin Russell[24]Daniel Sargent[25]William Smith[26]William Sullivan[27]Thomas Sumner[28]William H. Sumner[29]Ephraim Thayer[30]William Walter[31]Nathan Webb[32]Benjamin Weld[33]Jacob Welsh[34]David West[35]Benjamin Whitman[36]Francis Wright[37]
Final Result: [38][39][40]1575157515751575157515751575157515751575157515751575157515751575157515751575157515751575157515751575157515751575157515751575157515751575157515751575
Town of Boston1575157515751575157515751575157515751575157515751575157515751575157515751575157515751575157515751575157515751575157515751575157515751575157515751575


[38]"On Wednesday last the Inhabitants of this town assembled for the choice of Representatives in the State Legislature, for the ensuing year, and elected the following gentlemen, we believe without opposition . . . The whole number of votes given in was 1575." The Repertory (Boston, MA). May 19, 1809.
[39]"At the close of the poll at 2 o'clock, the whole number of votes was declared to be 1574 - When the following list was found to be elected without any oppisition." Columbian Centinel. Massachusetts Federalist (Boston, MA). May 20, 1809.
[40]"On Wednesday, the Federalists of this town (1575 in number) assembled in town meeting, and made choice of the following persons, thirty-seven in number (about 1 to every 42) to represent them in the next General Court . . . Was the whole State to send Representatives in this proportion, supposing the number of votes to be about 91 thousand, there would be no less a number of Representatives than Two Thousand One Hundred and Sixty-Six!! Truly it may be said the 'Federalists of Boston rule the State.' " Columbian Detector (Boston, MA). May 19, 1809.


Columbian Detector (Boston, MA). May 19, 1809.
The Repertory (Boston, MA). May 19, 1809.
Columbian Centinel. Massachusetts Federalist (Boston, MA). May 20, 1809.

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