New York 1810 Assembly, Otsego County

Assembly (State)
New York 1810 Assembly, Otsego County
New York
First Ballot
Robert Roseboom, Daniel Hawks, Isaac Hayes, Elijah H. Metcalf, Samuel Griffin, Francis Henry, Adel Deforest, Amos Spencer
Candidates: Robert Roseboom[1]Daniel Hawks[2]Isaac Hayes[3]Elijah H. Metcalf[4]Samuel GriffinFrancis HenryAdel DeforestAmos Spencer
Final Result: [5][6][7]25292520251525152230222822232221
Otsego County25292520251525152230222822232221
Town of Burlington182181182182140139139139
Town of Butternuts193193192191141141141141
Town of Cherry Valley157158157156227225225225
Town of Decater6565656561616160
Town of Edmeston8888878431313131
Town of Exeter7676767669696969
Town of Hartwick204203203204101101101101
Town of Maryland7070707027272726
Town of Middlefield70696971234236235236
Town of Milford15915915915998989897
Town of New Lisbon15415314415296969096
Town of Otego144144144144134134134131
Town of Otsego217217217213316316317315
Town of Pittsfield8383838223232323
Town of Plainfield104104104104123123123123
Town of Richfield154147154153101100101101
Town of Springfield75757575183183183183
Town of Unadilla11911911711936363635
Town of Westford11511611611642424242
Town of Worcester1001001019947474747


[5]"'Great News from Unadilla!' In this town, where Mr. Williams's meeting promised such great things for federalism, there is a majority of 83 republican votes on the assembly ticket, out of between 200 and 300 [voters]. This is really great encouragement for Mr. chairman Benton, and other trimmers or apostates." The Columbian (New York, NY). May 6, 1810.
[6]"From the Cooperstown Federalist (Cooperstown, NY): The election in this County has terminated in favor of the Jacobin Ticket for Assembly. An important revolution has been effected by the most shameful artifices. Never before were the jacobin ranks so completely formed and thoroughly drilled for action. We hope next week to be able to lay before our readers a correct statement of votes, and to exhibit to the world a picture of depravity in the conduct of some of the inspectors of the election which has no parallel." The American (Herkimer, NY). May 3, 1810.
[7]The Cooperstown Federalist (Cooperstown, NY) and the Otsego Herald (Cooperstown, NY) both list Daniel Hawks with 2514 votes but the town totals add up to 2520.


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