Massachusetts 1819 House of Representatives, Boston

House of Representatives (State)
State Representative
Massachusetts 1819 House of Representatives, Boston
First Ballot
House of Representatives/State Representative
Joseph Coolidge, Jr., Charles Davis, Samuel Dorr, Barzilla Holmes, Josiah Marshall, James Perkins, Joseph W. Revere, Enoch Silsby, William Sullivan, Joseph Austin, Peter C. Brooks, Nathan Hall, Heman Lincoln, Jonathan Loring, Joseph Lovering, Daniel Messenger, Thomas Motley, Jonathan Phillips, Joseph Sewall, Jonathan Whitney, Francis Bassett, John French, George W. Otis, Henry Purkitt, Edmund Winchester, samuel Appleton, Thomas Jackson, Augustus Peabody, Benjamin Rand, Benjamin Smith, William Sturgis, Bryant P. Tilden, George Bond, Peter O. Thatcher, Francis Welch, Benjamin Whitman, William Jackson, John Knapp, Elijah Morse, Benjamin Watson, Benjamin Russell, Thomas Parsons, Phineas Upham, Israel Thorndike, John Cotter, Samuel Billings, Joseph W. Howe, George Hallet, Edmund Wright, Thaddeus Page, Wilslow Lewis, Charles Hood, William B. Bradford, John Brazier, Samuel A. Wells, David Henshaw, Joseph Stodder, James Lloyd, William MacKay, Nathaniel Curtis, J. C. Merrill, Benjamin Austin, James T. Austin, Samuel Brown, Ebenezer Clough, Jeremiah Fitch, William Gray, Samuel Adams, Thomas Badger, Theodore Bainbridge, Harvey Bates, Thomas Brewer, Perez Bryant, James Davis, H. Dearborn, P. P. F. Degrand, Job Drew, James Ellison, Jonathan Emery, Jr., William Eustis, James H. Foster, John Fox, S. Gardner, Francis C. Gray, John Hathaway, Jonathan D. Howard, Jr., Joseph Lewis, Israel Munroe, Henry Orne, Thomas Rowe, James Russell, Theodore Sawyer, Isaac Stevens, Samuel Swett, Theodore K. Thomas, Henry H. Tuckerman, John Tyler, H. S. Waldo, Zachariah G. Whitman, Samuel Whitwell, Daniel Wise, Elijah Withington, Nathaniel Wright, A. Young
Candidates: Joseph Coolidge, Jr.[1]Charles Davis[2]Samuel Dorr[3]Barzilla Holmes[4]Josiah Marshall[5]James Perkins[6]Joseph W. Revere[7]Enoch Silsby[8]William Sullivan[9]Joseph Austin[10]Peter C. Brooks[11]Nathan Hall[12]Heman Lincoln[13]Jonathan Loring[14]Joseph Lovering[15]Daniel Messenger[16]Thomas Motley[17]Jonathan Phillips[18]Joseph Sewall[19]Jonathan Whitney[20]Francis Bassett[21]John French[22]George W. Otis[23]Henry Purkitt[24]Edmund Winchester[25]samuel Appleton[26]Thomas Jackson[27]Augustus Peabody[28]Benjamin Rand[29]Benjamin Smith[30]William Sturgis[31]Bryant P. Tilden[32]George Bond[33]Peter O. Thatcher[34]Francis Welch[35]Benjamin Whitman[36]William Jackson[37]John Knapp[38]Elijah Morse[39]Benjamin Watson[40]Benjamin Russell[41]Thomas Parsons[42]Phineas Upham[43]Israel Thorndike[44]John Cotter[45]Samuel BillingsJoseph W. HoweGeorge HalletEdmund WrightThaddeus PageWilslow LewisCharles HoodWilliam B. BradfordJohn BrazierSamuel A. WellsDavid HenshawJoseph StodderJames LloydWilliam MacKayNathaniel CurtisJ. C. MerrillBenjamin AustinJames T. AustinSamuel BrownEbenezer CloughJeremiah FitchWilliam GraySamuel AdamsThomas BadgerTheodore BainbridgeHarvey BatesThomas BrewerPerez BryantJames DavisH. DearbornP. P. F. DegrandJob DrewJames EllisonJonathan Emery, Jr.William EustisJames H. FosterJohn FoxS. GardnerFrancis C. GrayJohn HathawayJonathan D. Howard, Jr.Joseph LewisIsrael MunroeHenry OrneThomas RoweJames RussellTheodore SawyerIsaac StevensSamuel SwettTheodore K. ThomasHenry H. TuckermanJohn TylerH. S. WaldoZachariah G. WhitmanSamuel WhitwellDaniel WiseElijah WithingtonNathaniel WrightA. Young
Final Result: [46][47][48]188918881888188818881888188818881888188718871887188718871887188718871887188718871886188618861886188618851885188518851885188518851884188218821882187918781876187618751873187318551848883882882881881881881880879879879878257332222221111111111111111111111111111111111111
Town of Boston188918881888188818881888188818881888188718871887188718871887188718871887188718871886188618861886188618851885188518851885188518851884188218821882187918781876187618751873187318551848883882882881881881881880879879879878257332222221111111111111111111111111111111111111


[46]"By a return from the Assessors it appeared that there were Eleven thousand one hundred and ninety seven rateable Polls within the Town, which number authorized the election of Fifty Representatives. A Motion was made and seconded, that the town should elect Forty five representative for the year ensuing which (after an animated debate) passed in the affirmative. .... The votes were received, sorted and counted by the Selectmen; when it appeared that the whole number of votes given in was 2799; necessary to make a choice 1400." Boston Town Records. 117.
[47]By the time Boston voted for State Representatives, it was becoming clear that Republicans were making gains in the House elections and it was decided therefore to increase the number of members they city would send to forty-five. A motion to send only twelve was rejected and the number of forty-five was confirmed.
[48]"The poll closed at half past 2 o'clock, when the Federal Ticket of forty-five .... was elected by a majority rising a thousand votes." Columbian Centinel. American Federalist (Boston, MA). May 15, 1819.


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