Massachusetts 1794 State Senate, Hampshire County

State Senate (State)
State Senator
Massachusetts 1794 State Senate, Hampshire County
First Ballot
State Senate/State Senator
Samuel Lyman, John Hastings, David Sexton, William Shephard, Samuel Fowler, Hugh MacClellan, William Billings, Samuel Henshaw, Justin Ely, Ebenezer Mattoon, Jr., David Smead, Samuel Field, Simeon Strong, John Williams, John Bliss, William Lyman, Timothy Robinson, Thomas Dwight, Warham Parks
Candidates: Samuel Lyman[1]John Hastings[2]David Sexton[3]William Shephard[4]Samuel FowlerHugh MacClellanWilliam BillingsSamuel HenshawJustin ElyEbenezer Mattoon, Jr.David SmeadSamuel FieldSimeon StrongJohn WilliamsJohn BlissWilliam LymanTimothy RobinsonThomas DwightWarham Parks
Final Result: [5][6][7]18531595145514451215854-------------
Hampshire County18531595145514451215854-------------
Town of Amherst118116977761-4121-512-51-----
Town of Ashfield-39----323138----------
Town of Belchertown-------------------
Town of Bernardston2921731234---34341-------
Town of Blandford2218617256-829--85--532
Town of Brimfield85868686-----1--85-1----
Town of Buckland-------------------
Town of Charlemont-------------------
Town of Chester-------------------
Town of Chesterfield-------------------
Town of Colrain6626644-65---2264--------
Town of Conway-------------------
Town of Cummington-------------------
Town of Deerfield-------------------
Town of Easthampton-------------------
Town of Gill41-40--41---421----3---
Town of Goshen-------------------
Town of Granby-------------------
Town of Granville-------------------
Town of Greenfield64-5462-64----59--------
Town of Greenwich-------------------
Town of Hadley3646-4410-42--31---------
Town of Hatfield-------------------
Town of Hawley-------------------
Town of Heath-------------------
Town of Holland-------------------
Town of Leverett-------------------
Town of Leyden18-1411-11---185--------
Town of Longmeadow-------------------
Town of Ludlow-------------------
Town of Middlefield-------------------
Town of Monson-------------------
Town of Montague-------------------
Town of Montgomery-------------------
Town of New Salem-------------------
Town of Northfield-------------------
Town of Northampton-111--114-113113109----------
Town of Norwich-------------------
Town of Orange-------------------
Town of Palmer-------------------
Town of Pelham-------------------
Town of Plainfield-------------------
Town of Rowe-------------------
Town of Russell-------------------
Town of Shelburne-------------------
Town of Shutesbury-------------------
Town of South Brimfield-------------------
Town of South Hadley-------------------
Town of Southampton-------------------
Town of Southwick-------------------
Town of Springfield1111711198-103--------102----
Town of Sunderland-------------------
Town of Ware2525--25---2525---------
Town of Warwick-------------------
Town of Wendell-------------------
Town of West Springfield-------------------
Town of Westfield-------------------
Town of Westhampton-46-542-4546936---------
Town of Whately-------------------
Town of Wilbraham-------------------
Town of Williamsburg-------------------
Town of Worthington---4141--394132---------


[5]"No. Voters, 2594. Make a choice, 1298." Governor's Council Records.
[6]Massachusetts law required a majority to elect. Samuel Fowler would subsequently be elected by the Massachusetts General Court.
[7]"We hear from Boston, that by the votes which last week were returned to the Secretary's Office, for Senators for this county, 1170 making a choice, it appeared that four Senators were chosen viz. John Hasting, Esq. 1500 votes. William Shepard, Esq. 1344. Samuel Lyman, Esq. 1400. David Sexton, Esq. 1310. The highest on the list beside the above gentlemen, were, Samuel Fowler, Esq. 1141 votes. Samuel Henshaw, Esq. 759. Hugh MacClallen, Esq. 700. Justin Ely, Esq. 600. As the poll was not then closed, 'tis possible that state of the votes may be in some small degree altered, tho not so as to affect the above choice." Greenfield Gazette (Greenfield, MA). May 15, 1794.


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