New York 1798 State Senate, Southern District

State Senate (State)
State Senator
New York 1798 State Senate, Southern District
New York
First Ballot
State Senate/State Senator
John Schenck, David Gelston, DeWitt Clinton, William Denning, Richard Hatfield, Peter Vandevoort, James Watson, Lewis Cornell, Gozen Ryers, Pierre Van Cortlandt, Jr.
Candidates: John Schenck[1]David Gelston[2]DeWitt Clinton[3]William Denning[4]Richard Hatfield[5]Peter VandevoortJames WatsonLewis CornellGozen RyersPierre Van Cortlandt, Jr.
Final Result: [6][7]2760255325162467250224162352233621481999
District of Southern2760255325162467250224162352233621481999
Kings County26317517914416227011416416666
Town of Brooklyn51253832527952605714
Town of Bushwick4038393717291818179
Town of Flat Lands5010114951-4149-
Town of Flatbush46262630276227282714
Town of Graves End363635413311-29
Town of New Eutrecht404040401616161616-
New York County[8][9]746772762777977950998963952647
City of New York746772762777977950998963952647
Ward One54626563909499949548
Ward Two5767697023022222822322148
Ward Three7582787919318620618818553
Ward Four11511911812413212913313213196
Ward Five11711711812014213214213513298
Ward Six1821881801856968706968176
Ward Seven146137134136121119120122120128
Queens County474271290250309321308377230198
Town of Flushing251821205148517049-
Town of Jamaica111989896710819787
Town of Newtown83757775252727262673
Town of North Hempstead80414138353334363227
Town of Oyster Bay4018121367636563628
Town of South Hempstead13521418124140123163543
Richmond County121012122542412522562087
Town of Castletown11114645464544-
Town of Northfield434470707070743
Town of Southfield222245344450422
Town of Westfield545593929291482
Suffolk County[10]714753714730171167170145159578
Town of Brookhaven414141409595969595-
Town of Huntington125140138143301727418119
Town of Islip8488484446
Town of Riverhead93939393202020202086
Town of Shelter Island9141113-----2
Town of Smithtown50475149212122212136
Town of Southampton310315292306-----297
Town of Southold789980781611132
Westchester County[11]551572560554629467510431433503
Town of Bedford4118-1461361421401378
Town of Cortlandt798181825352482
Town of Eastchester434431282930263
Town of Greenburgh34353236181616151523
Town of Harrison192020195222223
Town of Mamaroneck-211513311
Town of Mount Pleasant88878785343131313184
Town of New Castle81157271323228
Town of New Rochell344428232422222
Town of North Castle484848484111147
Town of North Salem3736393922774220
Town of Pelham----5666--
Town of Poundridge727272728877870
Town of Rye899839313212289
Town of Salem64646362575757545562
Town of Scarsdale44442222-5
Town of Stephentown1715181296385039402
Town of Westchester----3219181718-
Town of White Plains811111024172016183
Town of Yonkers15161615262222202011
Town of York Town39433846156136340


[6]"We need not remark, that all but one of the elected Senators are from the Republican Ticket; and it is said, that had the Electors been carful to add jun. to Mr. Van Cortlandt's name, he also would have been returned." Greenleaf's New York Journal, and Patriotic Register (New York, NY). May 30, 1798.
[7]The Albany Gazette (Albany, NY) lists 2554 votes for David Gelston, 2462 votes for Richard Hatfield, 2315 votes for James Watson, 2333 votes for Lewis Cornell, 2248 votes for Gozen Ryers and 2001 votes for Pierre Van Cortlandt, Jr., but an addition of the totals from the several counties gives the above results.
[8]Greenleaf's New York Journal, and Patriotic Register (New York, NY) lists 736 votes for John Schenck but the ward totals add up 746.
[9]Greenleaf's New York Journal, and Patriotic Register (New York, NY) lists 646 votes for Pierre Van Cortlandt but the ward totals add up to 647.
[10]Greenleaf's New York Journal, and Patriotic Register (New York, NY) lists 713 votes for DeWitt Clinton.
[11]Greenleaf's New York Journal, and Patriotic Register (New York, NY) and The Albany Gazette (Albany, NY) list 589 votes for Richard Hatfield but the town totals add up to 629.


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