Vermont 1797 Governor

Governor (State)
Vermont 1797 Governor
First Ballot
Isaac Tichenor, Moses Robinson, Gideon Olin, Elijah Paine, Israel Smith, Samuel Hitchcock, Nathaniel Niles, Paul Brigham, Lot Hall, Daniel Buck, Samuel Williams, Lewis R. Morris, Jonas Galusha, Noah Smith, Samuel Safford, Stephen R. Bradley, Nathaniel Chipman, Jonathan Hunt, David Wing, Darius Chapman, Samuel Mattocks, Joseph Cooper, Abram Dibble, Matthew Lyon, Jesse Williams
Candidates: Isaac TichenorMoses RobinsonGideon OlinElijah PaineIsrael SmithSamuel HitchcockNathaniel NilesPaul BrighamLot HallDaniel BuckSamuel WilliamsLewis R. MorrisJonas GalushaNoah SmithSamuel SaffordStephen R. BradleyNathaniel ChipmanJonathan HuntDavid WingDarius ChapmanSamuel MattocksJoseph CooperAbram DibbleMatthew LyonJesse Williams
Final Result: [1][2][3][4]2325------------------------
Addison County-------------------------
Town of Bridport16127-172-4-----------------
Town of Bristol-326-2---------1----------
Town of Ferrisburgh--91-37-------------------
Town of Hancock-------15-----------------
Town of New Haven15218-451-------------------
Town of Panton-216-14--------------------
Town of Shoreham3168-5------------------1-
City of Vergennes15-1-146----------------1--
Bennington County-------------------------
Town of Bennington29172--2-2------11----------
Town of Pownal-5263----------------------
Town of Readsboro-171-----------6----------
Town of Shaftsbury[5]310239---------22-1----------
Town of Stamford344-----------------------
Town of Windhall11-9-5--3-----------------
Caledonia County-------------------------
Town of Cabot820-----------------------
Town of Calais22--------1---------------
Town of Guildhall44------------------------
Town of Hardwick---21---------------------
Town of Montpelier---22-6-----1------3------
Town of Saint Johnsbury4--32---------------------
Chittenden County-------------------------
Town of Charlotte29299-21-------------------
Town of Essex71934-31-2-----2-----------
Town of Jericho-270-1-4-------------1----
Town of Milton38-1----------------------
Town of Richmond242-54----------------1---
Town of Shelburne4331----------------------
Franklin County-------------------------
Orange County-------------------------
Town of Brookfield19--32---1-----------------
Town of Chelsea19--9--53-1---------------
Town of Fairlee44--4--4------------------
Town of Newbury61-23---------------------
Town of Randolph43--14--191-----------------
Town of Roxbury9-----41-----------------
Town of Tunbridge25--2--81-----------------
Rutland County-------------------------
Town of Benson25426-2-----2--------------
Town of Mount Holly--41----------------------
Town of Pittsford37242-------4---------1----
Town of Rutland643620-49-----36--------2-----
Windham County-------------------------
Town of Brattleborough25-41----------------------
Town of Guilford2554-28--2------------------
Town of Halifax39722---1-----------------
Town of Hinsdale---22---------------------
Town of Jamaica142-------5---------------
Town of Marlboro538-2--2-------2----------
Town of Newfane324-21------------1--------
Town of Putney[6]95--15-------5-------------
Town of Rockingham6--39--2-4--9---10-3-------
Town of Townshend41--2----30----------------
Town of Wardsboro2--54-------1-------------
Town of Westminster7--19----29------2---------
Town of Whitingham19-------1-----5----------
Town of Wilmington1725-1---------161----------
Windsor County-------------------------
Town of Barnard351331-3-23-15-------------1
Town of Bethel36------------------------
Town of Cavendish23-----20--1---------------
Town of Chester82--3-------1-------------
Town of Hartland[7]41--23--12123-1----5--------
Town of Pomfret8--17-31-3-----------------
Town of Reading81----2--271--------------
Town of Royalton[8]25--18--126-----------------
Town of Sharon[9]37--4---4-4---------------
Town of Springfield2--243----6-26-------------
Town of Windsor32--32--28------------------


[1]This was the first gubernatorial election in Vermont in which Thomas Chittenden was not a candidate. Chittenden had been Governor, with the exception of one year (1789-1790) since the establishment of the separate state of Vermont in 1778, but he died in office on August 25, 1797, just before the election. Isaac Tichenor, who had run unsuccessfully against Chittenden in the previous four elections would be elected and would remain Governor for the next 10 years.
[2]Moses Robinson received "upwards of 1000 votes" and Gideon Olin received "upwards of 700 votes" according to the Federal Galaxy, October 16.
[3]No candidate received a majority, so the decision was cast into the State Legislature.
[4]The Argus (Putney, VT) lists Isaac Tichenor with 1325 votes.
[5]The Federal Galaxy (Brattleboro, VT), September 25, reports Moses Robinson with 103 votes and Jonas Galusha with 24 votes in Shaftsbury.
[6]The Argus, September 11, reports 94 votes for Isaac Tichenor in Putney.
[7]The Argus, September 11, reports 0 votes for Lewis R. Morris in Hartland.
[8]The Argus, September 11, reports 19 votes for Elijah Paine, 8 votes for Nathaniel Niles and 0 votes for Paul Brigham in Royalton.
[9]The Argus, September 11, reports 27 votes for Isaac Tichenor, 5 votes for Elijah Paine and 0 votes for Paul Brigham and Daniel Buck in Sharon.


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Wilmington Town Records.
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