New York 1822 State Senate, District 4

State Senate (State)
State Senator
New York 1822 State Senate, District 4
New York
First Ballot
State Senate/State Senator
Archibald MacIntyre, John Cramer, Melancton Wheeler, David Erwin, Daniel Shipherd, James MacCrea, Asa Hascall, John Veeder, Reuben Sanford, David C. Judson, John L. Viele, John W. Cady, Nathan Ford, Daniel Caddy, Luther Adgate, Perry C. Bacon, Elihu Hall, Nathaniel Murch, Jesse Tobey, John Mac Crea, Worden Griffin, Charles Platt, David Russell, John W. Taylor, Reuben H. Walworth, James Veeder, Sahveall Cramer, David Hascall, Lemuel Hastings, Z. R. Shipherd, Wantall Wheeler
Candidates: Archibald MacIntyreJohn CramerMelancton WheelerDavid ErwinDaniel ShipherdJames MacCreaAsa HascallJohn VeederReuben SanfordDavid C. JudsonJohn L. VieleJohn W. CadyNathan FordDaniel CaddyLuther AdgatePerry C. BaconElihu HallNathaniel MurchJesse TobeyJohn Mac CreaWorden GriffinCharles PlattDavid RussellJohn W. TaylorReuben H. WalworthJames VeederSahveall CramerDavid HascallLemuel HastingsZ. R. ShipherdWantall Wheeler
Final Result: [1]11098108381082010772873185968482833143322211111111112111111
District of Four11098108381082010772873185968482833143322211111111111111111
Clinton County[2]846845835841614616619615-----------------------
Town of Beckmantown10910810110987888888-----------------------
Town of Champlain[3]10710710710758585858-----------------------
Town of Chazy143142142141110111111111-----------------------
Town of Mooers3232323220202020-----------------------
Town of Peru211211211207109108111108-----------------------
Town of Plattsburgh244245242245230231231230-----------------------
Essex County[4]6927624827107585484634544-----11111------------
Franklin County[5]258255258216347345366344-----------------------
Town of Bangor-------------------------------
Town of Chateaugay-------------------------------
Town of Constable-------------------------------
Town of Dickinson-------------------------------
Town of Fort Covington-------------------------------
Town of Malone-------------------------------
Montgomery County[6][7]24792337237823802288227922382290---1-------1-----------
Saratoga County21852116217321702361236623202322-----------------------
Town of Ballston60396160250270250250-----------------------
Town of Charlton104105104103186184186186-----------------------
Town of Concord6159616124242424-----------------------
Town of Corinth9999999951515151-----------------------
Town of Edenburgh7676767678757878-----------------------
Town of Galway[8]148141145148120121108108-----------------------
Town of Greenfield119104109110280281280278-----------------------
Town of Hadley7674757515131515-----------------------
Town of Halfmoon292296292292202201197199-----------------------
Town of Malta39353939156157156155-----------------------
Town of Milton133132133130218223218216-----------------------
Town of Moreau6555636484747478-----------------------
Town of Northumberland99989810051465049-----------------------
Town of Providence8686858579817978-----------------------
Town of Saratoga163150162163142144141147-----------------------
Town of Saratoga Springs143135142142124122123122-----------------------
Town of Stillwater151144151151168167166166-----------------------
Town of Waterford[9]19421219919436352826-----------------------
Town of Wilton7776797897979696-----------------------
Saint Lawrence County1198119111961050382382507377-1112-------11111------
Warren County[10]10539891045104828732120-----------------1-----
Washington County23872343245323571953198719481909-22--2----------1-11111
Town of Argyle130121129122218203204203-----------------------
Town of Cambridge10710610810468797974-----------------------
Town of Easton205206207208153155155155-----------------------
Town of Fort Ann175175173174105109109108--------------------1--
Town of Fort Edward11610114811652512837-----------------------
Town of Granville295294298294153154155141-----------------------
Town of Greenwich209213209206130145143150-----------------------
Town of Hampton8080103776282928-11--1-----------------
Town of Hartford20920821320969717272-----------------------
Town of Hebron133130130130125128128127-----------------------
Town of Jackson8182808010010799105-11--1-----------------
Town of Kingsbury[11]16715016516665686365------------------11--1
Town of Putnam4645484532363736-----------------------
Town of Salem[12]177177141171315281278266----------------1------
Town of White Creek122121122120200202201201-----------------------
Town of Whitehall135134179135162170168141---------------------1-


[1]In the 1822 election, the Ballston Spa Gazette (Ballston Spa, NY) used the name 'Freeman's Meeting Ticket' to denote the Clintonian/Federalist.
[2]David Erwin received 1 vote as David Ermin.
[3]The Plattsburgh Republican (Plattsburgh, NY) lists 49 votes for John Veeder.
[4]Asa Hascall received 1 vote as A. Hascall.
[5]The initial reports for Franklin County only gave the returns from four (4) towns, which were not named. Those totals were given as: Archibald MacIntyre, John Cramer, Melancton Wheeler, and David Erwin each received 277 votes. Daniel Shipherd, James MacCrea, Asa Hascall, and John Veeder each received 331 votes. When the Official Returns were reported, it was noted that 'The votes of Dickinson and Bangor were lost.'
[6]Archibald MacIntyre received 2 votes as Arc. MacIntyre and 1 vote as A. MacIntyre.
[7]Melancton Wheeler received 1 vote as Melancton Whele and 1 vote as Malcolm Wheeler.
[8]Daniel Shipherd received 120 votes as Daniel Shepherd.
[9]John Veeder received 26 votes as John Vedder.
[10]James MacCrea received 1 vote as J. MacCrea.
[11]Daniel Shipherd received 1 vote as D. Shipherd.
[12]Reuben H. Walworth received 1 vote as Reuben A. Walworth.


Original Election Returns.
Plattsburgh Republican (Plattsburgh, NY). November 16, 1822.
Ballston Spa Gazette (Ballston Spa, NY). November 19, 1822.
Saratoga Sentinel (Saratoga Springs, NY). November 19, 1822.
Mohawk Herald (Amsterdam, NY). November 20, 1822.
Plattsburgh Republican (Plattsburgh, NY). November 23, 1822.
The Albany Argus (Albany, NY). December 6, 1822.
The Albany Argus (Albany, NY). December 10, 1822.
Ballston Spa Gazette (Ballston Spa, NY). December 24, 1822.

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