New York 1801 Convention, Montgomery County

Convention (State)
Convention Delegate
New York 1801 Convention, Montgomery County
New York
First Ballot
Convention/Convention Delegate
Thomas Sammons, Nathaniel Cambell, Peter Waggoner, Jr., Caleb Woodworth, Jonathan Hallett, John Herkimer, Cornelius Humphrey, Conradt Gansevoort, James Livingston, Lawrence Gross, Jacob G. Klock, Phineas Leach, Daniel Walker, John Sammons, David Schuyler, Nicholas Herkermer, James Cannada, Thomas Leach, Leonard Gansevoort, Noah Dodge, Barent Rosebom, James Cochran, Archibald Kane, Daniel Paris, Abraham Romyen, Amaziah Rust, Peter Suttle, John MacCarty, Frederick Sammons, John Withing, James Kennedy, Peter Brooks, Jr., Joseph Peais, John Scouden, Martin Van Allstine, William Peese, William Howell, John MacCrary, Cornelius Waggoner, Henry Kennedy
Candidates: Thomas SammonsNathaniel CambellPeter Waggoner, Jr.Caleb WoodworthJonathan HallettJohn HerkimerCornelius HumphreyConradt GansevoortJames LivingstonLawrence GrossJacob G. KlockPhineas LeachDaniel WalkerJohn SammonsDavid SchuylerNicholas HerkermerJames CannadaThomas LeachLeonard GansevoortNoah DodgeBarent RosebomJames CochranArchibald KaneDaniel ParisAbraham RomyenAmaziah RustPeter SuttleJohn MacCartyFrederick SammonsJohn WithingJames KennedyPeter Brooks, Jr.Joseph PeaisJohn ScoudenMartin Van AllstineWilliam PeeseWilliam HowellJohn MacCraryCornelius WaggonerHenry Kennedy
Final Result: 14551401138912581227114645343931417517110257322111111111111111111111111
Montgomery County14551401138912581227114645343931417517110257322111111111111111111111111
Town of Amsterdam[1][2][3]7272646369671971748563--111---------------------
Town of Broadalban767776767677311-1-----------------------------
Town of Canajohary[4][5]13311513284713689796412733720------11111----------------
Town of Charleston929282838279332130-710----------------------------
Town of Florida13113195675444866076-31-----------------------------
Town of Johnstown231210204199203198542947228412-----------1111------------
Town of Manheim[6][7][8]787578757675282415101297---------------------------
Town of Mayfield1081091081061077531-22222---------------------------
Town of Minden[9]1561461551451321564417971072--22------------111111111---
Town of Northampton52525239404013-13-12-----------------------------
Town of Palatine[10][11]26426028125925823835393211201511------------------------111
Town of Salisbury62626262596118-10910119---------------------------


[1]Caleb Woodworth received 1 vote as Caleb Woodworth, Jr.
[2]John Herkimer received 2 votes as John Herkimer, Jr.
[3]Peter Waggoner, Jr. received 2 votes as Peter Waggoner.
[4]Jacob G. Klock received 2 votes as Jacob Klock.
[5]Peter Waggoner, Jr. received 3 votes as Peter Waggoner.
[6]Nathaniel Cambell received 1 vote as Nathan Campbell.
[7]Jonathan Hallett received 1 vote as Jonith Hallett.
[8]Cornelius Humphrey received 1 vote as Corlis Humphrey.
[9]Peter Waggoner, Jr. received 8 votes as Peter Waggoner.
[10]John Herkimer received 1 vote as John S. Herkimer.
[11]Peter Waggoner, Jr. received 12 votes as Peter Waggoner.


Original Election Certificate.

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