New York 1807 Assembly, Dutchess County

Assembly (State)
New York 1807 Assembly, Dutchess County
New York
First Ballot
Devoue Bailey, John Haight, Albro Aiken, Cyrenus Crosby, George Casey, Tobias L. Stoutenburgh, Martin E. Winchell, David Van Ness, Clapp Raymond, Joseph C. Field, Reuben Germond, Theodorus R. Van Wyck, Robert Johnston, Philip Spencer, Jr., Peter Cantine, Ebenezer Casey, Richard Everett, Mathew Miner, Alexander Neely, John Akin, William Bard, Lemuel Clift, Samuel Coonley, George Corey, Koert Debois, Benjamin DeLavergne, Henry Dodge, Coenrad Ham, Judas Iscariot, John Johnston, George S. Oakley, Philip Raymond, Abraham H. Schenck, John L. Stoutenburgh, Sylvester Sweet, Thomas Taylor, Jesse Thompson, John Titus, Joseph Tobias, Jonathan Vincent, Robert Williams
Candidates: Devoue Bailey[1]John Haight[2]Albro Aiken[3]Cyrenus Crosby[4]George Casey[5]Tobias L. Stoutenburgh[6]Martin E. Winchell[7]David Van NessClapp RaymondJoseph C. FieldReuben GermondTheodorus R. Van WyckRobert JohnstonPhilip Spencer, Jr.Peter CantineEbenezer CaseyRichard EverettMathew MinerAlexander NeelyJohn AkinWilliam BardLemuel CliftSamuel CoonleyGeorge CoreyKoert DeboisBenjamin DeLavergneHenry DodgeCoenrad HamJudas IscariotJohn JohnstonGeorge S. OakleyPhilip RaymondAbraham H. SchenckJohn L. StoutenburghSylvester SweetThomas TaylorJesse ThompsonJohn TitusJoseph TobiasJonathan VincentRobert Williams
Final Result: [8]31523130312531223113311230851658165716551648164716381607222221111111111111111111111
Dutchess County31523130312531223113311230851658165716551648164716381607222221111111111111111111111
Town of Amenia3023063033013073073083553336------------------------1--
Town of Beekman[9][10]3913903953943873913931717918181816-------------------1-1-----
Town of Carmel58363535343033154156157155154157133---------------------------
Town of Clinton42342242242342342342058616259625960---------------------------
Town of Dover[11]2352342342342342342348786888---------------------------
Town of Fishkill235237235235235234223331332331331330332329---------------------------
Town of Franklin1515151416141496949695939186---------------------------
Town of Frederick3834353736343378767577777374---------------------------
Town of Northeast[12][13][14]10410410410510310284159164167164164164163---------1-------1---------
Town of Pawlings7272727272717048484947464845---------------------------
Town of Phillips[15][16]64726464626364169167166167165158168---------------1--1--------
Town of Poughkeepsie[17][18][19]582581582582582582583444444422222-11--111---1----------
Town of Rhinebeck162161162156157159161304294291293293291288---------------------------
Town of Southeast[20]64606361595261144147150145144146142---------------------------
Town of Stanford[21][22]8787868986878585858584858585----------------------1----
Town of Washington[23]320319318320320319319----11------1--1----11-----1--1-11


[8]Abraham H. Schenck and Robert Williams were candidates for State Senate.
[9]Martin E. Winchell received 1 vote as Martin Winchell.
[10]Philip Spencer, Jr. received 4 votes as Philip Spencer.
[11]Joseph C. Field received 1 vote as .
[12]Tobias L. Stoutenburgh received 1 vote as .
[13]Theodorus R. Van Wyck received 1 vote as .
[14]Philip Spencer, Jr. received 2 votes as Philip Spencer.
[15]Reuben Germond received 1 vote as .
[16]Philip Spencer, Jr. received 10 votes as Philip Spencer.
[17]Tobias L. Stoutenburgh received 1 vote as .
[18]Martin E. Winchell received 4 votes as Martin Winchell.
[19]Philip Spencer, Jr. received 1 vote as Philip Spencer.
[20]John Haight received 1 vote as .
[21]Clapp Raymond received 1 vote as .
[22]Philip Spencer, Jr. received 4 votes as Philip Spencer.
[23]Martin E. Winchell received 2 votes as Martin Winchell.


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Poughkeepsie Journal, and Constitutional Republican (Poughkeepsie, NY). May 13, 1807.
American Citizen (New York, NY). May 16, 1807.
Republican Watch-Tower (New York, NY). May 19, 1807.

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