Pennsylvania 1802 House of Representatives, Northumberland County

House of Representatives (State)
State Representative
Pennsylvania 1802 House of Representatives, Northumberland County
First Ballot
House of Representatives/State Representative
Jesse Moore, Jacob Fulmer, Daniel Montgomery, Jr., Simon Snyder, Samuel Dale, John Bull
Candidates: Jesse Moore[1]Jacob Fulmer[2]Daniel Montgomery, Jr.[3]Simon Snyder[4]Samuel DaleJohn Bull
Final Result: [5][6]276625561779158510541007
Northumberland County[7]276625561779158510541007
District of Beaver130130-130129-
District of Berlin13713711361381
District of Bloom and Brier11220108102-111
District of Buffalo205156971431915
District of Catawissa1181251254-121
District of Fishing Creek and Greenwood1061011065542-
District of Mahanoy134140744510152
District of Mifflinburg6565653-62
District of Milton3663233565336175
District of Northumberland140138653236112
District of Selinsgrove2342275921715241
District of Shamokin172127179134-72
District of Sunbury2001991801331287
District of Swineford1121211111118-
District of Washington34133534316420159
District of West Buffalo2062031174799


[5]The Aurora. General Advertiser (Philadelphia, PA) uses the spellings Folmer and Fullmer for Jacob Fulmer.
[6]Der Readinger Adler (Reading, PA) uses the spelling Fullmer for Jacob Fulmer.
[7]The Annals of Buffalo Valley, Pennsylvania: 1755-1855 reports 2778 votes for Jesse Moore. Its vote totals for Jacob Fulmer and Daniel Montgomery do not reflect the actual sums for the districts listed. The sum for Jacob Fulmer is 2547, not 2556 as listed; the sum for Daniel Montgomery is 1770, not 1749 as listed.


Aurora. General Advertiser (Philadelphia, PA). October 21, 1802.
Der Readinger Adler (Reading, PA). November 2, 1802.
Linn, John Blair, ed. Annals of Buffalo Valley, Pennsylvania: 1755-1855. Harrisburg: Lane S. Hart, 1877. 334.

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