Massachusetts 1803 U.S. Senate, Ballot 3

U.S. Senate (Federal)
U.S. Senator
Massachusetts 1803 U.S. Senate, Ballot 3
Third Ballot
U.S. Senate/U.S. Senator
Thompson J. Skinner, John Quincy Adams, Timothy Pickering, Nicholas Tillinghast, Henry Knox
Candidates: Thompson J. SkinnerJohn Quincy AdamsTimothy PickeringNicholas TillinghastHenry Knox
Final Result: [1][2][3]715633101
House of Representatives715633101


[1]"On Thursday, the choice of a Senator to represent this State in the Senate of the United States, in the room of the Hon. JONATHAN MASON, whose term of service expires next month, came on in the House of Representatives. It was previously known that Mr. MASON declined being a candidate; and of near twenty names which were placed on the nomination list, the Federal Republicans generally appeared to have selected two; both of whom have been the objects of democratic persecution--the Hon. TIMOTHY PICKERING, late Secretary of State, and the Hon. JOHN QUINCY ADAMS, late Minister Plenipotenitary of the United States, to the Court of Berlin. When circumstances place two such men as candidates for the same office, it is not an easy task to give a preference. ON THE THIRD TRIAL, The votes were 171--86 a choice." Columbian Centinel. Massachusetts Federalist (Boston, MA). February 5, 1803.
[2]"This day at 12 o'clock, the house proceeded agreeably to assignment to ballot for a person to represent this commonwealth in the senate of the United States, vice Mr. Mason, whose term of service expires with the third of March next, and who declined being a candidate for a new election. There were four trials ... The hon. John Quincy Adams, was declared to be chosen by the house, and a message sent to the senate with the information. Where he was also elected." Republican Star or Eastern Shore General Advertiser (Easton, MD). March 1, 1803.
[3]"It is clear by the votes that Pickering was the candidate contemplated [by the Federalists]: for J.Q. Adams had but ten on the first trial, and six the second. After two unsuccessful attempts to carry their favorite, they reluctantly gave Mr. Adams a slight support; for they could not consolidate this interest father than to obtain a bare majority. Observing the strength of the Republicans to continue stable in every trial, they began to be fearful of the event; and lest Mr. Skinner should get a majority on another trial, they tho't fit to join issue in Mr. Adams. This appeared to many spectators to be the true state of the business." The Independent Chronicle (Boston, MA). February 7, 1803.


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