New York 1801 Assembly, Dutchess County

Assembly (State)
New York 1801 Assembly, Dutchess County
New York
First Ballot
Abraham Adriance, Theodorus Bailey, John M. Thurston, Benjamin Aiken, Nicholas H. Emigh, Elisha Barlow, John Thompson, John Patterson, Alexander Spencer, Harry Garrison, Samuel Mott, Robert Sands, Peter Lossing, Martin Wiltsie, Stephen Barnum, Henry Dodge, Isaac Smith, Isaac Davenport, Ezra Sherman, Koert DuBois, Elisha Brown, Benjamin Patterson, Isaac Sherwood, Andrew Spencer, Ahahab Ainola, Samuel Clift, Henry Davenport, Henry Graham, Robert Johnson, Frederick Knox, Ebenezer Mott, Elias Patterson, Isaac Sherman, Stephen Sherman, Ezra Smith, Elisha Thompson, Henry Willsie
Candidates: Abraham AdrianceTheodorus BaileyJohn M. ThurstonBenjamin AikenNicholas H. EmighElisha BarlowJohn ThompsonJohn PattersonAlexander SpencerHarry GarrisonSamuel MottRobert SandsPeter LossingMartin WiltsieStephen BarnumHenry DodgeIsaac SmithIsaac DavenportEzra ShermanKoert DuBoisElisha BrownBenjamin PattersonIsaac SherwoodAndrew SpencerAhahab AinolaSamuel CliftHenry DavenportHenry GrahamRobert JohnsonFrederick KnoxEbenezer MottElias PattersonIsaac ShermanStephen ShermanEzra SmithElisha ThompsonHenry Willsie
Final Result: [1]2066206220552040203220272004199519041848165515441539151715091496148914731460145632221111111111111
Dutchess County2066206220552040203220272004199519041848165515441539151715091496148914731460145632221111111111111
Town of Amenia[2]13313613313413013412912312812573707066667266666763-----------------
Town of Beekman46403835583932373433226225222223215219222206218205-----------------
Town of Carmel1331331331331311301331301339323232323232323222323-----------------
Town of Clinton[3][4]185187185186182183179178180183164158155154148152156151150156--1-1-----------1
Town of Fishkill355337354344348346342342342319110105108108107109107104107107-----------------
Town of Franklin43383740363640534237858687868782828378803----------------
Town of Fredericks688072666864656062322219222528171720616-----------------
Town of Northeast[5][6][7]18218318518118218317917818018380777677777677767777-21--------1---1-
Town of Pawlings116116112124113112110119112111139139148140125129129120133119-----------------
Town of Phillips[8]14314214114014214114114114012847494855454745644550---2----1----1---
Town of Poughkeepsie223229227223220220223218214219153153152149147157150146148148-----1----1------
Town of Rhinebeck[9]107107106106105106106106102106265271264262262261264263262262------------1-1--
Town of Southeast85877981708483638177788681751077777827475---------1-------
Town of Stanford[10][11][12][13][14]1251221281211211201271201169452474644394047404245------11---------
Town of Washington12212512512612612711112136112138363730333527303030-----------------


[1]Benjamin Patterson, Henry Davenport, Isaac Sherman, Ezra Smith and henry Willsie are amalgamations of two candidates.
[2]Koert DuBois received 6 votes as Robert Dubois and 2 votes as Kobert Dubois.
[3]John M. Thurston received 1 vote as John Thurston.
[4]Nicholas H. Emigh received 1 vote as Nicholas Emigh.
[5]Theodorus Bailey received 2 votes as Thomas Bailey.
[6]Nicholas H. Emigh received 1 vote as Nicholas M. Emigh and 1 vote as Nicholas W. Emigh.
[7]John Thompson received 1 vote as John M. Thompson.
[8]Koert DuBois received 1 vote as Robert Dubois.
[9]John M. Thurston received 1 vote as John Thurston.
[10]John M. Thurston received 2 votes as John Thurston.
[11]Peter Lossing received 2 votes as Peter Loson.
[12]Martin Wiltsie received 2 votes as Martin Whittlesey.
[13]Isaac Smith received 1 vote as Isaac Smitts.
[14]Ezra Sherman received 2 votes as Czat Sherman and 1 vote as Ezra S. Sherman.


Original Election Books. Dutchess County Historian, Poughkeepsie.
The Albany Register (Albany, NY). May 19, 1801.

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