Massachusetts 1806 House of Representatives, Bath

House of Representatives (State)
State Representative
Massachusetts 1806 House of Representatives, Bath
First Ballot
House of Representatives/State Representative
William King, Peleg Tolman
Candidates: William King[1]Peleg Tolman
Final Result: [2]121-
Town of Bath121-


[2]"Extract of a letter from a Gentleman in Bath. We had our meeting yesterday to choose Representatives, which was a very singular one indeed - In the first place it was tried to see if the town could send two and it was negatived by more perhaps than 150; then they voted to send one, and the votes were carried in; the number I think in all was 222; Wm. King had 121, and was chosen; after that he got up and made a long preamble, said that it would be very inconvenient for him to attend the General Court this syear, but on account of his good friends, if the town would now vote to send his good friend Tolman, so that they could help one another, that he would consent to go, and that he would engage that it should not be any more expence to the town than if there was but one, as that he could be there a part of the time and his good friend tha other, notwithstanding he had previously voted not to send but one - then the vote was tried to see if the town would send another without reconsidering the former vote altho often requested by some. And so we are to be represented by two democrat's this year." Portland Gazette, and Maine Advertizer (Portland, ME). May 12, 1806.


Portland Gazette, and Maine Advertizer (Portland, ME). May 12, 1806.

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