Maine 1823 Governor

Governor (State)
Maine 1823 Governor
First Ballot
Albion K. Parris, Stephen Longfellow, Ezekiel Whitman, John W. Bodwell, Reuben Chick, Ephraim Low, Jr., Thomas Nasson, Mark L. Hill, Joseph H. Becket, Benjamin Whitman, scattering
Candidates: Albion K. Parris[1]Stephen LongfellowEzekiel WhitmanJohn W. BodwellReuben ChickEphraim Low, Jr.Thomas NassonMark L. HillJoseph H. BecketBenjamin Whitmanscattering
Final Result: 18550---------767
Cumberland County2721---------167
Town of Baldwin40----------
Town of Bridgton79---------7
Town of Brunswick143---------6
Town of Cape Elizabeth76----------
Town of Cumberland72---------26
Town of Danville67---------1
Town of Durham97---------1
Town of Falmouth97----------
Town of Freeport68---------5
Town of Gorham108---------2
Town of Gray92---------8
Town of Harpswell46----------
Town of Harrison54---------1
Town of Minot167---------1
Town of New Gloucester176---------16
Town of North Yarmouth142---------1
Town of Otisfield56----------
Town of Poland183----------
Town of Portland391---------72
Town of Pownal56----------
Town of Raymond73----------
Town of Scarborough132----------
Town of Standish92---------6
Thompson Pond Plantation[2]-----------
Town of Westbrook164---------14
Town of Windham50----------
Hancock County1583---------37
Town of Belfast110---------3
Town of Belmont36----------
Town of Bluehill51----------
Town of Brooks34---------1
Town of Brooksville58----------
Town of Bucksport92---------13
Town of Castine[3]30---------11
Town of Deer Isle95---------4
Town of Eden60----------
Town of Ellsworth43----------
Town of Frankfort114---------2
Town of Gouldsborough13----------
Town of Islesborough28----------
Town of Jackson15----------
Town of Knox30----------
Town of Lincolnville41---------1
Mariaville Plantation12----------
Town of Monroe82---------1
Town of Mount Desert50----------
Town of Northport69----------
Town of Orland22----------
Town of Penobscot52----------
Town of Prospect59----------
Town of Searsmont25----------
Town of Sedgwick59----------
Town of Sullivan28----------
Town of Surry34----------
Town of Swanville31----------
Town of Thorndike50----------
Town of Trenton30----------
Town of Vinalhaven75---------1
Waldo Plantation19----------
Plantation No. 8 + 9 or North Sullivan23----------
Plantation No. 14 or Mariaville South7----------
Plantation No. 26 or Mariaville North6----------
Kennebec County2744---------33
Town of Augusta273---------6
Town of Belgrade63---------1
Town of Chesterville62----------
Town of China130----------
Town of Clinton69----------
Town of Dearborn46----------
Town of Farmington148---------4
Town of Fayette68----------
Town of Freedom46----------
Town of Gardiner121---------1
Town of Greene102----------
Town of Hallowell114---------7
Town of Joy32----------
Town of Leeds147---------2
Town of Ligonia133---------1
Town of Monmouth107---------1
Town of Mount Vernon77----------
Town of New Sharon63----------
Town of Pittston36----------
Town of Readfield110---------1
Town of Rome43----------
Town of Sidney77---------1
Town of Temple31----------
Town of Unity75---------6
Town of Vassalborough113----------
Town of Vienna29----------
Town of Waterville84---------2
Town of Wayne78----------
Town of Wilton60----------
Town of Windsor33----------
Town of Winslow[4]-----------
Town of Winthrop147----------
Plantation of 25 Mile Pond27----------
Lincoln County2740---------69
Town of Alna73----------
Appleton Plantation23----------
Town of Bath298---------7
Town of Boothbay66----------
Town of Bowdoin110----------
Town of Bowdoinham110---------6
Town of Bristol83---------5
Town of Camden79----------
Town of Cushing39------1---
Town of Dresden19----------
Town of Edgecomb87----------
Town of Friendship16----------
Town of Georgetown87---------2
Town of Hope55----------
Town of Jefferson40----------
Town of Lewiston60----------
Town of Lisbon49---------2
Town of Litchfield97---------11
Town of Montville25----------
Montville Plantation25----------
Town of New Castle64---------1
Town of Nobleborough76---------1
Town of Palermo40----------
Patricktown Plantation15----------
Town of Phipsburg116---------11
Town of Richmond42----------
Town of Saint George49----------
Town of Thomaston236---------11
Town of Topsham65----------
Town of Union37-------11-
Town of Waldoborough184---------2
Town of Wales23----------
Town of Warren60----------
Town of Washington30----------
Town of Whitfield92----------
Town of Wiscasset113---------7
Town of Woolwich57----------
Oxford County1878---------120
Town of Albany17----------
Town of Andover50---------1
Town of Bethel90----------
Town of Brownfield104---------7
Town of Buckfield70----------
Town of Canton72----------
Town of Denmark103---------1
Town of Dixfield39---------6
Town of Fryeburg70---------52
Town of Giliad28---------1
Town of Greenwood55----------
Town of Hartford82---------1
Town of Hebron80---------10
Town of Hiram[5]91---------9
Town of Jay99----------
Town of Livermore112---------7
Town of Lovel37---------2
Town of Mexico17----------
Town of Newry41----------
Town of Norway83---------5
Town of Paris101----------
Town of Peru26----------
Town of Porter71----------
Town of Rumford64---------3
Town of Sumner53----------
Town of Sweden25----------
Town of Turner65---------12
Town of Waterford60----------
Town of Weld13----------
Town of Woodstock21----------
Plantation of Fryeburg Addition14----------
Plantation of Howards Gore8----------
Plantation No. 1, first range[6]-----------
Plantation No. 8, first range17---------3
Penobscot County1304---------36
Town of Atkinson23----------
Town of Bangor78---------6
Blakesburg Plantation16---------1
Town of Brewer48---------6
Brownville Plantation34----------
Town of Carmel18----------
Town of Corinth33---------2
Town of Dexter59---------1
Town of Dixmont49----------
Town of Dover34----------
Town of Dutton13----------
Town of Eddington26----------
Town of Etna17----------
Town of Exeter52----------
Town of Foxcroft42----------
Town of Garland40----------
Town of Guilford28----------
Town of Hampden149----------
Town of Hermon17----------
Town of Levant29----------
Town of Milo18----------
Town of New Charleston62----------
Town of Newburg38---------1
Town of Newport44---------1
Town of Orono38---------13
Town of Orrington61----------
Town of Sangerville53----------
Town of Sebec65---------2
Sunkhaze Plantation19----------
Town of Williamsburg18----------
Plantation No. 1, fourth range10---------1
Plantation No. 2, seventh range[7]22----------
Plantation No. 3, third range18---------1
Plantation No. 7, seventh range33---------1
Somerset County1466---------235
Town of Anson81---------14
Town of Athens29---------31
Town of Avon32----------
Town of Bingham20----------
Town of Bloomfield[8]10---------19
Town of Canaan39---------30
Town of Concord23----------
Town of Corinna59----------
Town of Cornville19----------
Town of Embden38----------
Town of Fairfield46---------2
Town of Freeman54---------1
Town of Harmony[9]-----------
Town of Hartland36----------
Town of Industry63----------
Town of Kingfield44---------1
Town of Madison61---------10
Town of Mercer47---------19
Town of Milburn44---------10
Town of Monson25----------
Town of Moscow39----------
Town of Norridgewock6876---------
Town of New Portland49---------6
Town of New Vineyard[10]-----------
Town of North Hill35----------
Town of North Salem42----------
Town of Palmyra39---------4
Town of Parkman40----------
Town of Phillips51---------1
Town of Ripley32---------1
Town of Saint Albans45----------
Town of Solon32---------1
Town of Starks88---------9
Town of Strong73----------
Town of Warsaw25----------
Plantation of East Pond20----------
Plantation No.5, second range18----------
Washington County830---------47
Town of Addison23----------
Town of Calais71---------7
Town of Cherryfield26----------
Town of Columbia34----------
Town of Cooper18----------
Town of Dennysville62----------
Town of Eastport93-30-------3
Town of Harrington20----------
Town of Jonesborough17---------2
Town of Lubec86---------4
Town of Machias50----------
Town of Perry71----------
Town of Robbinston55----------
Town of Steuben43---------1
Plantation No. 3 or Northeast Machias28----------
Plantation No. 630----------
Plantation No. 77----------
Plantation No. 921----------
Plantation No. 1022----------
Plantation No. 1115----------
Plantation No. 1219----------
Plantation No. 209----------
Plantation No. 2310----------
York County3284---------99
Town of Alfred150----------
Town of Berwick136---------2
Town of Biddeford83---------2
Town of Buxton181---------3
Town of Cornish103---------3
Town of Elliot116----------
Town of Hollis145---------4
Town of Kennebunk115----------
Town of Kennebunk Port106----------
Town of Kittery103----------
Town of Lebanon136----------
Town of Limerick63---------7
Town of Limington128----------
Town of Lyman137----------
Town of Newfield65---------60
Town of Parsonsfield224---------8
Town of Saco257---------5
Town of Sanford148-31111----
Town of Shapleigh179---------1
Town of South Berwick161---------4
Town of Waterborough181----------
Town of Wells143----------
Town of York224----------


[2]No return.
[3]"3 entered in the return as scattering rejected." Original Election Returns.
[4]No return.
[5]1 "Scattering" rejected. Original Election Returns.
[6]No return.
[7]Two "Scattering" rejected. Original Election Returns.
[8]"No minute when received, postmark Oct. 3, 1823." Original Election Returns.
[9]"Parris 28, Scat. 13, Votes not sealed." Original Election Returns.
[10]"Parris 38, return not sealed." Original Election Returns.


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