Massachusetts 1820 U.S. House of Representatives, Worcester North District

U.S. House of Representatives (Federal)
U.S. Congressman
Massachusetts 1820 U.S. House of Representatives, Worcester North District
First Ballot
U.S. House of Representatives/U.S. Congressman
Lewis Bigelow, Edmund Cushing, Jonas Kendall, Edman Cheshen, Timothy Whiting, scattering
Candidates: Lewis Bigelow[1]Edmund CushingJonas KendallEdman CheshenTimothy Whitingscattering
Final Result: [2]1146579490213
District of Worcester North1146579490211
Middlesex County6814720---
Town of Ashby1714----
Town of Boxborough22-7---
Town of Pepperell1745----
Town of Shirley1228----
Town of Stow-25----
Town of Townsend-3513---
Worcester County1078432470211
Town of Ashburnham52213---
Town of Athal43927---
Town of Barre76641---
Town of Berlin45-----
Town of Bolton4546--1
Town of Boylston4410----
Town of Dana12610---
Town of Fitchburg1333521-
Town of Gardner4691---
Town of Harvard40481---
Town of Holden291541---
Town of Hubbardston42341---
Town of Lancaster13182---
Town of Leominster1-132---
Town of Lunenberg112221---
Town of Petersham7070----
Town of Phillipston56-38---
Town of Princetown51-----
Town of Royalston54-2---
Town of Rutland351713---
Town of Sterling111147---
Town of Templeton58283---
Town of West Boylston41135---
Town of Westminster41-31---
Town of Winchendon7213----


[2]Based on their votes in Congress over Missouri statehood and a Tariff Bill, some Massachusetts Congressmen either did not run for re-election or were defeated. The Essex Register of November 11, 1820 in commenting on election results noted that Jonathan Russell, a Republican was elected in Worcester South over Benjamin Adams, his Federalist opponent and in Worcester North, Lewis Bigelow, a Federalist defeated both the Republican candidate and Jonas Kendall the incumbent Federalist. They pointed out that both of the defeated candidates (Adams and Kendall) were supporters of the new Tariff Bill, which was viewed as harmful to Massachusetts commerce and business. Two other congressmen, Jonathan Mason, who resigned shortly before the election and Henry Shaw, who chose not to run for re-election, did so because of public reaction to their votes on the Missouri question.


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