New Hampshire 1811 U.S. House of Representatives, Ballot 2

U.S. House of Representatives (Federal)
U.S. Congressman
New Hampshire 1811 U.S. House of Representatives, Ballot 2
New Hampshire
Second Ballot
U.S. House of Representatives/U.S. Congressman
John A. Harper, Obed Hall, George Sullivan, William Hale, Daniel Blaisdell, Roger Vose, scattering
Candidates: John A. Harper[1]Obed Hall[2]George Sullivan[3]William HaleDaniel BlaisdellRoger Vosescattering
Final Result: [4]153351533113737137121363722012
Cheshire County2714271232203209321950-
Town of Acworth131131110109109--
Town of Alstead108108144144144--
Town of Charlestown414216116216239-
Town of Chesterfield9898170170170--
Town of Claremont8888197197197--
Town of Cornish6565107107107--
Town of Croydon7170767676--
Town of Dublin7474123123123--
Town of Fitzwilliam6363129129129--
Town of Gilsum3838414142--
Town of Goshen4949363636--
Town of Hinsdale3232323232--
Town of Jaffrey34341861861852-
Town of Keene5656200200200--
Town of Langdon5050161616--
Town of Lempster5959686868--
Town of Marlborough2525105105105--
Town of Marlow8787999--
Town of New Grantham8383303030--
Town of Newport4444157157157--
Town of Packersfield2424153153153--
Town of Plainfield121121101101101--
Town of Richmond1981986-6--
Town of Rindge5353147147147--
Town of Springfield9090161616--
Town of Stoddard7676696969--
Town of Sullivan1212757575--
Town of Surry40404343434-
Town of Swanzey113113494949--
Town of Unity1441432521254-
Town of Walpole1541541361361361-
Town of Washington[5]112112222222--
Town of Wendell6767666--
Town of Westmoreland169168153152152--
Town of Winchester4545122122122--
Coos County2913072061891622-
Town of Adams414433---
Town of Bartlett6564-----
Town of Chatham3030-----
Town of Colebrook2120222222--
Town of Columbia99131313--
Town of Dalton55322727--
Town of Jefferson222277---
Town of Lancaster17327070533-
Town of Northumberland44232323--
Town of Percy2121121212--
Town of Stewartstown2222555--
Town of Stratford2222777--
Town of Whitefield121212----
Grafton County16211617212821272125--
Town of Alexandria2322403940--
Town of Bath4141135135135--
Town of Bethlehem2424373637--
Town of Bridgewater9796686868--
Town of Campton1920108108108--
Town of Canaan5151120120126--
Town of Concord106105242424--
Town of Coventry1111--2--
Town of Danbury1313313134--
Town of Dorchester3735464646--
Town of Ellsworth--212121--
Town of Enfield107107454545--
Town of Franconia3434171717--
Town of Grafton9393676867--
Town of Groton4040454545--
Town of Hanover4949234234234--
Town of Haverhill545310110097--
Town of Hebron5454333333--
Town of Landaff[6]-------
Town of Lebanon8282156156153--
Town of Lincoln1212-----
Town of Littleton4848656565--
Town of Lyman4747363535--
Town of Lyme3434159159158--
Town of New Chester7676717171--
Town of New Holderness5656929291--
Town of Orange1111252523--
Town of Orford9090118118116--
Town of Peeling3131141414--
Town of Piermont7172515352--
Town of Plymouth[7]-------
Town of Rumney6465434343--
Town of Thornton1413104104104--
Town of Warren5353121110--
Town of Wentworth7979101111--
Hillsborough County3718371624622452244656
Town of Amherst146146109109108--
Town of Andover9696949393--
Town of Antrim135135343434--
Town of Bedford8484109109109--
Town of Boscawen129129180180180--
Town of Bradford6969545354-2
Town of Brookline5555999--
Town of Deering[8]-------
Town of Dunbarton1061057474711-
Town of Dunstable6060606060--
Town of Fishersfield5555888--
Town of Francestown136136555454--
Town of Goffstown194194505050--
Town of Greenfield106106221919--
Town of Hancock153153151515--
Town of Henniker129129767676--
Town of Hillsborough144144131212--
Town of Hollis110110137137137--
Town of Hopkinton193194102100100--
Kearsage Gore[9]-------
Town of Litchfield1414505050--
Town of Lyndeborough1181182828282-
Town of Manchester4948343434--
Town of Mason8181797979--
Town of Merrimack8585595959-1
Town of Milford5454919191--
Town of Mont Vernon[10]-------
Town of New Boston167167302929--
Town of New Ipswich14141931931941-
Town of New London6060585858--
Town of Nottingham West6262102102102--
Town of Peterborough7272999898--
Town of Salisbury155158153152150--
Town of Sharon2929888--
Town of Society Land1616111--
Town of Sutton1616111--
Town of Temple2828909090--
Town of Warner126124545555--
Town of Weare137136575757--
Town of Wilmot3838555--
Town of Wilton108107505050-3
Town of Windsor2727777--
Rockingham County[11]4227423032943291328036
Town of Allenstown[12]-------
Town of Atkinson5252242424--
Town of Bow9292282828--
Town of Brentwood3030989999--
Town of Candia8081909090--
Town of Canterbury115115747474--
Town of Chester151151145145145--
Town of Chichester106106383838--
Town of Concord224222249249249-1
Town of Deerfield222221686868--
Town of East Kingston4949343433--
Town of Epping6767118118118--
Town of Epsom174174121111--
Town of Exeter8993173176177--
Town of Greenland6867333232-2
Town of Hampstead7272494948--
Town of Hampton6767757575--
Town of Hampton Falls1919696970--
Town of Hawke6263161515--
Town of Kensington4041636363--
Town of Kingston6464525252--
Town of Londonderry9494310310310--
Town of Loudon134134130130130--
Town of New Castle5858-----
Town of Newington7575121212--
Town of Newmarket113113363833--
Town of Newton6060141414--
Town of North Hampton6464464646--
Town of Northfield136136363636--
Town of Northwood9090103103103--
Town of Nottingham[13]91925251501-
Town of Pelham9191878787--
Town of Pembroke[14]-------
Town of Pittsfield111111686868--
Town of Plaistow5656212021--
Town of Poplin2525343333--
Town of Portsmouth572571453452446-2
Town of Raymond7474353535--
Town of Rye184184333--
Town of Salem8989106104104--
Town of Sandown5151373737--
Town of Seabrook2828666666--
Town of South Hampton4949491212--
Town of Stratham113113202020--
Town of Windham2626105105105--
Strafford County27642749242724442405160-
Town of Alton3030959695--
Town of Barnstead146150828378--
Town of Barrington9898294299291--
Town of Brookfield3333393939--
Town of Burton1919-----
Town of Center Harbor3636212121--
Town of Conway6147363936--
Town of Dover150151120124119145-
Town of Durham9088107107106--
Town of Eaton9698-----
Town of Effingham79721142--
Town of Farmington12412430302813-
Town of Gilmantown303308252252252--
Town of Lee120120232323--
Town of Madbury3939484949--
Town of Meredith166167129129129--
Town of Middleton2424373737--
Town of Milton53539710797--
Town of Moultonborough7575767676--
Town of New Durham[15]-------
Town of New Hampton8886989797--
Town of Ossipee9898474747--
Ossipee Gore--111111--
Town of Rochester2042047474732-
Town of Sanbornton134134267267267--
Town of Sandwich125120123122122--
Town of Somersworth2020777777--
Town of Tamworth5251103103103--
Town of Tuftonboro102106131313--
Town of Wakefield7676878888--
Town of Wolfeboro123122303029--


[4]"It will be recollected that owing to the highly culpable carelessness of several town clerks, in mis-spelling the names of the candidates, and delaying the return of votes, but two representatives were chosen in August last, and that at the annual State Election the vacancies in the representation to the 12th Congress were to be filled. From the six highest candidates on both tickets, three more were to be chosen. These being four federal and two republican, the republicans determined to support but two candidates on their ticket, who were both elected. Mr Sullivan being the highest on the federal ticket is also elected." The Centinel of Freedom (Newark, NJ). June 11, 1811.
[5]"Informal - not counted." Original Election Returns.
[6]"Informal." Original Election Returns.
[7]There were no votes recorded in Plymouth.
[8]There were no votes recorded in Deering.
[9]There were no votes recorded in Kearsage Gore.
[10]There were no votes recorded in Mont Vernon.
[11]The Original Election Returns list William Hale with 3243 votes (without Nottingham) but the town totals add up to 3240.
[12]There were no votes recorded in Allenstown.
[13]The votes from Nottingham were not included in the Original Election Returns.
[14]There were no votes recorded in Pembroke.
[15]There were no votes recorded in New Durham.


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