Pennsylvania 1818 House of Representatives, Chester County

House of Representatives (State)
State Representative
Pennsylvania 1818 House of Representatives, Chester County
First Ballot
House of Representatives/State Representative
Joseph Sharp, Thomas Ashbridge, William Boyd, John G. Parke, Joshua Hunt, Isaac D. Barnard, Joshua Evans, David Thomas, Samuel Glascow, Owen Evans
Candidates: Joseph Sharp[1]Thomas Ashbridge[2]William Boyd[3]John G. Parke[4]Joshua Hunt[5]Isaac D. BarnardJoshua EvansDavid ThomasSamuel GlascowOwen Evans
Affiliation:FederalistFederalistFederalistFederalistFederalistDemocratic RepublicanDemocratic RepublicanDemocratic RepublicanDemocratic RepublicanDemocratic Republican
Final Result: 2745274327302727272425292501247624742463
Chester County[6][7][8]2745274327302727272425292501247624742463
District of Chatham[9][10]331333329333333114112110112111
District of Gum Tree130132135133132168163166169164
District of Hood's6871756870311305314310307
District of Manor158155158158151307296294296285
District of Marshallton[11]2732732742742742320222121
District of New London Cross Roads[12]3738363737158157155155155
District of New Red Lion[13]2352352362332357169697070
District of Old Red Lion339341337336342251250248246250
District of Paoli428434424423424348362341338339
District of Pughtown[14]107109106107107470465467467467
District of Sloan's130133133140132174170159159164
District of West Chester[15][16]489489487485487134132131131131


[6]Chester county voted in election districts composed of several towns. These districts were numbered but more commonly referred to by names derived from the locations where voting took place (ie-a tavern, schoolhouse, individual's farm, etc.) For more information, see "History of Chester County, Pennsylvania" by J. Smith Futhey and Gilbert Cope, 1881. 224-226.
[7]Der Postbothe lists 2720 votes for John G. Parke.
[8]The Intelligencer, and Weekly Advertiser (Lancaster, PA) lists 2725 votes for Joseph Sharp.
[9]The American Republican lists 112 votes for David Thomas.
[10]The Franklin Gazette (Philadelphia, PA) and the Democratic Press list 233 votes for Thomas Ashbridge and 429 votes for Wallace Boyd.
[11]The Franklin Gazette (Philadelphia, PA) and the Democratic Press list 374 votes for John G. Parke.
[12]The Democratic Press lists 27 votes for John G. Parke.
[13]The Franklin Gazette (Philadelphia, PA) and the Democratic Press list 74 votes for Samuel Glasgow.
[14]The Franklin Gazette (Philadelphia, PA) and the Democratic Press list 907 votes for Joseph Sharp.
[15]The Village Record lists 486 votes for John G. Parke.
[16]The Franklin Gazette (Philadelphia, PA) and the Democratic Press list 485 votes for Joshua Hunt.


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