New York 1814 U.S. House of Representatives, District 20

U.S. House of Representatives (Federal)
U.S. Congressman
New York 1814 U.S. House of Representatives, District 20
New York
First Ballot
U.S. House of Representatives/U.S. Congressman
Oliver C. Comstock, Enos T. Throop, Seth Phelps, Emanuel Coryell, Robert Campbell, Tracy Robinson, David Woodcock, Asa Douglas, Rufus Gilbert, Valentine Brother, Joshua Forman, Joseph Kirkland, Jared Sanford, Bennet Bicknell, Chauncey Loomis, John J. Prendergast, Philetus Swift, Peter LeConte, Daniel Cruger, David Dickinson, William B. Jones, Zopher Roberts, Harry Smith, Seth Troup, Moses Van Campen, John Johnson, Zepheniah Johnson, Isaac Sharp, Joseph Warren
Candidates: Oliver C. Comstock[1]Enos T. Throop[2]Seth PhelpsEmanuel CoryellRobert CampbellTracy RobinsonDavid WoodcockAsa DouglasRufus GilbertValentine BrotherJoshua FormanJoseph KirklandJared SanfordBennet BicknellChauncey LoomisJohn J. PrendergastPhiletus SwiftPeter LeConteDaniel CrugerDavid DickinsonWilliam B. JonesZopher RobertsHarry SmithSeth TroupMoses Van CampenJohn JohnsonZepheniah JohnsonIsaac SharpJoseph Warren
Final Result: [3]5112506218341833333377744444444111111111111
District of Twenty5112506218341833333377744444444111111111111
Cayuga County248624771000999-------------------------
Town of Aurelius354352135134-------------------------
Town of Brutus1631637474-------------------------
Town of Cato1501502525-------------------------
Town of Dryden[4][5]1881892323-------------------------
Town of Genoa370368136136-------------------------
Town of Locke2632638989-------------------------
Town of Mentz1651663737-------------------------
Town of Owasco86862222-------------------------
Town of Scipio305298274274-------------------------
Town of Sempronius3643648282-------------------------
Town of Sterling292933-------------------------
Town of Wolcott4949100100-------------------------
Seneca County[6]13771367492489--7--222233331-----------
Town of Fayette[7][8]2192102623-------------------------
Town of Galen47483030-------------------------
Town of Hector1931925959--3--222233331-----------
Town of Junius1414137137-------------------------
Town of Ovid338338148148--4----------------------
Town of Romulus2522534848-------------------------
Town of Ulysses[9][10]3143124444-------------------------
Steuben County[11][12]619599272271---77---------1111111----
Town of Addison3813-----------------11--------
Town of Bath88837373-------------------------
Town of Canisteo3838---------------------------
Town of Cohocton-----------------------------
Town of Dansville6262---------------------------
Town of Howard19192525-------------------------
Town of Jersey-----------------------------
Town of Painted Post44446565-------------------------
Town of Prattsburgh2995353--------------1----1-----
Town of Pulteney48481616-------------------------
Town of Reading123123-------------------11------
Town of Troupsburg191977-------------------------
Town of Wayne1181183940--------------------1----
Tioga County63061969743333---22221111--------1111


[3]Chauncey Loomis, Philetus Smith, Bennet Bicknell, John J. Prendergast, Valentine Brother, Joshua Forman, Joseph Kirkland, and Jared Sanford were candidates for State Senate. David Woodcock, Moses Van Campen, Daniel Cruger, and Peter LeConte were candidates for Assembly.
[4]Oliver C. Comstock received 1 vote as Olive Comstock.
[5]Enos T. Throop received 4 votes as E. Throop and 1 vote as Enos Throo
[6]Seth Phelps received 1 vote as Seth Phillips.
[7]Oliver C. Comstock received 1 vote as Oliver Comstock.
[8]Emanuel Coryell received 2 votes as Erastus Coryell.
[9]Oliver C. Comstock received 21 votes as O.C. Comstock and 1 vote as Oliver Comstock.
[10]Enos T. Throop received 21 votes as E.T. Throo
[11]The vote for Oliver C. Comstock in Steuben County was incorrectly listed in the Official Canvass as 520. This figure is reported in The Columbian (New York, NY), June 10, and The Columbian. (For the Country) (New York, NY), June 11.
[12]There were no votes reported for Congress from the towns of Cohocton and Jersey.


Original Election Returns.
Original Election Books. Steuben County Court House, Bath.
The Columbian (New York, NY). June 10, 1814.

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