Massachusetts 1808 U.S. House of Representatives, Plymouth District

U.S. House of Representatives (Federal)
U.S. Congressman
Massachusetts 1808 U.S. House of Representatives, Plymouth District
First Ballot
U.S. House of Representatives/U.S. Congressman
Charles Turner, Jr., William Baylies, Nahum Mitchell, Seth Sprague, Samuel Niles, Joseph Barker, William Davis, James Thomas
Candidates: Charles Turner, Jr.[1]William BayliesNahum MitchellSeth SpragueSamuel NilesJoseph BarkerWilliam DavisJames Thomas
Final Result: [2][3][4]18731828843111
District of Plymouth18731828843111
Plymouth County18731828843111
Town of Abington10462--2---
Town of Bridgewater[5]321301--2111
Town of Carver5045------
Town of Duxborough[6]99152------
Town of Halifax9816------
Town of Hanover96167-----
Town of Kingston39123------
Town of Marshfield[7]6486------
Town of Middleboro294160------
Town of Pembroke1251061-----
Town of Plimpton4470----1-
Town of Plymouth[8]188326------
Town of Rochester160160-1----
Town of Scituate145165------
Town of Wareham4640------


[2]Because of the split in votes for Charles Turner and Charles Turner, Jr., the Original Election Returns listed no candidate as having a majority and required a Special Election. It was eventually determined by the House of Representatives that Charles Turner had won the election and the Special Election, won by William Baylies, was nullified.
[3]Charles Turner, Jr. received 430 votes as Charles Turner.
[4]"The House resumed the consideration of the report of the committee of the whole on the contested election of Wm. Baylies. When the House last night (or rather, this morning) adjourned for want of a quorum, the following resolution was under consideration: RESOLVED, that Wm. Baylies is not entitled to a seat in this House. Messrs. Pickman and Livermore opposed the resolution and Mr. Macon supported it when it was carried by Yeas and Nays, 60 to 40. The third and last resolution reported by the committee of Elections is as follows: 'RESOLVED, That Charles Turner, jun. is entitled to his seat.' Messrs. Randolph and Blaisdell opposed the resolution. And on the question it was carried 62 to 41. And Charles Turner, jun. a Representative from Massachusetts, appeared and took his seat." The True American and Commercial Advertiser (Philadelphia, PA). June 4, 1809.
[5]Charles Turner, Jr. received 321 votes as Charles Turner.
[6]Charles Turner, Jr. received 99 votes as Charles Turner.
[7]Charles Turner, Jr. received 9 votes as Charles Turner.
[8]Charles Turner, Jr. received 1 vote as Charles Turner.


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