New York 1812 U.S. House of Representatives, District 13

U.S. House of Representatives (Federal)
U.S. Congressman
New York 1812 U.S. House of Representatives, District 13
New York
First Ballot
U.S. House of Representatives/U.S. Congressman
Amos Patterson, William M. Price, James Birdsall, Chauncey Hyde, Amos Atwater, scattering
Candidates: Amos Patterson[1]William M. PriceJames BirdsallChauncey HydeAmos Atwaterscattering
Final Result: [2][3][4][5][6]30922240531127
District of Thirteen30922240531127
Broome County17531--
Town of Berkshire------
Town of Chenango------
Town of Lisle------
Town of Tioga17551--
Town of Union------
Town of Windsor------
Chenango County1266941----
Town of Columbus6561----
Town of Coventry4775----
Town of German12930----
Town of Greene7346----
Town of Jericho808----
Town of New-Berlin103121----
Town of Norwich19975----
Town of Oxford21973----
Town of Pharsalia2733----
Town of Plymouth8887----
Town of Preston7229----
Town of Sherburne70181----
Town of Smithville6550----
Town of Smyrna2972----
Cortland County530256--1-
Town of Cincinnatus1367--1-
Town of Homer117144----
Town of Preble5572----
Town of Solon[7]4910----
Town of Truxton1376----
Town of Virgil3617----
Onondaga County[8]12961043---27
Town of Camilius22539---2
Town of Cicero------
Town of Fabuis11549----
Town of Hannibal------
Town of Lysander3764---1
Town of Manlius132101----
Town of Marcellus174236---11
Town of Onondaga168194----
Town of Otisco2195----
Town of Pompey307175---4
Town of Salina6458---9
Town of Spafford5332----
Town of Tully------


[2]According to the census figures for 1810, New York was entitled to gain seats in the U.S. House of Representatives. However, the State Legislature did not re-apportion the Congressional districts before the elections scheduled for the spring. Therefore, elections for U.S. House of Representatives were held using the previous district boundaries. The results of these elections were declared null and void. A newly elected State Legislature redrew the districts and set the dates of December 15-17 for new Congressional elections.
[3]Not all counties held elections for U.S. House of Representatives during the spring cycle, since it was known that districts were slated to be redrawn.
[4]Chauncey Hyde was a candidate for Assembly in Broome County.
[5]Utica Patriot (Utica, NY) refers to William M. Price as Wm. N. Pierce.
[6]Utica Patriot (Utica, NY), Commercial Advertiser (New York, NY), and New-York Spectator (New York, NY) refer to Amos Patterson as N. Patterson and identify him as the Democratic candidate.
[7]William M. Price received 1 vote as William Price.
[8]Onondaga's Centennial, 270: "The Republican candidate for Congress received in this county 1,321 votes and the Federal 1,008."


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