Vermont 1798 Governor

Governor (State)
Vermont 1798 Governor
First Ballot
Isaac Tichenor, Moses Robinson, Gideon Olin, Paul Brigham, Israel Smith, Elias Stephen, Abel Thompson, Nathaniel Niles, Elijah Paine, Jonathan Robinson, Nathaniel Chipman, Martin Chittenden, Jonathan Hunt, John Bridgman, Samuel Hitchcock, Matthew Lyon, Samuel Safford, Jeffrey A. Barney, S. R. Bradley, Daniel Buck, Daniel Chipman, Noah Chittenden, Caleb Cooley, Lot Hall, Elijah Knight, Lewis R. Morris, Joseph Safford, David Sanderson, Noah Smith, Jonathan White, Samuel Williams, scattering
Candidates: Isaac Tichenor[1]Moses RobinsonGideon OlinPaul BrighamIsrael SmithElias StephenAbel ThompsonNathaniel NilesElijah PaineJonathan RobinsonNathaniel ChipmanMartin ChittendenJonathan HuntJohn BridgmanSamuel HitchcockMatthew LyonSamuel SaffordJeffrey A. BarneyS. R. BradleyDaniel BuckDaniel ChipmanNoah ChittendenCaleb CooleyLot HallElijah KnightLewis R. MorrisJoseph SaffordDavid SandersonNoah SmithJonathan WhiteSamuel Williamsscattering
Final Result: [2]62112805-----------------------------332
Addison County660403-----------------------------13
Town of Addison[3]20381-----------------------------
Town of Bridport991------------------------------
Town of Bristol-36------------------------------
Town of Ferrisburgh6111---5--------1----------------
Town of Hancock-16------------------------------
Town of Middlebury867-----------------------------9
Town of New Haven60331-----------------------------
Town of Shoreham47742-----------------------------
City of Vergennes803-11---------1-----------------
Bennington County339963-----------------------------6
Town of Bennington63232-----1-3----------------1-----
Town of Pownal[4][5]64128-----------------------------2
Town of Readsboro108--------------1---------------
Town of Shaftsbury62232-----------------------------
Town of Winhall24-------------------------------
Town of Woodford110------------------------------
Caledonia County50859-----------------------------2
Town of Brunswick13-------------------------------
Town of Cabot34-------------------------------
Town of Calais27-------------------------------
Town of Danville[6]87-------------------------------
Town of Greensborough1411--------------------------1---
Town of Guildhall42-------------------------------
Town of Hardwick519------------------------------
Town of Lyndon26-------------------------------
Town of Montpelier47-------------------------------
Town of Peacham441--------3---------------------
Town of Saint Johnsbury43-------------------------------
Town of Wheelock31-------------------------------
Chittenden County715156-----------------------------33
Town of Charlotte565------------------------------
Town of Colchester3211-----4------------1----------
Town of Essex43171-----------1-----------------
Town of Jericho2431---------3---1----------------
Town of Milton34-------------------------------
Town of Shelburne746------------------1-----------
Franklin County35370-----------------------------24
Town of Georgia27271-4---------------------------
Orange County63115-----------------------------20
Town of Fairlee52-------------------------------
Town of Newbury54-------------------------------
Town of Roxbury13-------------------------------
Town of Tunbridge47-------------------------------
Rutland County783998-----------------------------113
Town of Benson20108------------------------------
Town of Mount Holly1124------------------------------
Town of Pittsfield18-------------------------------
Town of Pittsford1122--------------------1---------
Town of Shrewsbury42-20--------------1--------------
Windham County119059-----------------------------6
Town of Brattleborough1642------------------------------
Town of Dummerston103-------------------------------
Town of Guilford10138------------------------------
Town of Halifax561------------------------------
Town of Hinsdale36-------------------------------
Town of Jamaica217------------------------------
Town of Marlboro[7]583------------------------------
Town of Newfane[8]80-----------2-------------------
Town of Putney[9]86-----------1-------------------
Town of Rockingham98-----------------------1--1----
Town of Townshend80-------------------------------
Town of Wardsboro113-------------------------------
Town of Whitingham241--------------3---------------
Town of Wilmington[10]607-------1-------------1--------
Windsor County103282-----------------------------16
Town of Barnard652------------------------------
Town of Bethel37-------------------------------
Town of Cavendish5215------------------------------
Town of Chester931------------------------------
Town of Hartland68--10----------------------------
Town of Pomfret321---5------------1-------------
Town of Reading401-----1------------------------
Town of Royalton68------1-----------------1----1-
Town of Sharon36-------------------------------
Town of Springfield58----------------------------1--
Town of Windsor1263-----------------------------5
Town of Woodstock639-----1-----2-----1------------


[2]"Robinson had more than half the votes on this side of the mountain; but Tichenor has got a great majority; in the whole he had 6,211 - Robinson 2,805 beside. I am told there were about 500 for him, which were lost by inaccurate returns; there were also 332 scattering votes." The Virginia Argus (Richmond, VA). November 20, 1798.
[3]The Vergennes Gazette and Vermont and New-York Advertiser (Vergennes, VT) lists Moses Robinson with 28 votes.
[4]The Vermont Gazette (Bennington, VT), September 8, reports 60 votes for Isaac Tichenor and 120 for Moses Robinson in Pownal.
[5]The Town Records only report 64 and 128 votes, respectively, for Isaac Tichenor and Moses Robinson, no votes are listed for any "others".
[6]The Green Mountain Patriot (Peacham, VT) lists Isaac Tichenor with 79 votes.
[7]The Argus (Putney, VT) and Federal Galaxy (Brattleboro, VT) list Isaac Tichenor with 60 votes.
[8]The Argus (Putney, VT) and Federal Galaxy (Brattleboro, VT) list Isaac Tichenor with "about" 90 votes.
[9]The Argus (Putney, VT) and Federal Galaxy (Brattleboro, VT) list Isaac Tichenor with 97 votes.
[10]The Argus (Putney, VT) and Federal Galaxy (Brattleboro, VT) list Isaac Tichenor with 54 votes and Moses Robinson with 6 votes.


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Addison Town Records.
Barnard Town Records.
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Georgia Town Records.
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The Green Mountain Patriot (Peacham, VT). September 7, 1798.
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Federal Galaxy (Brattleboro, VT). September 8, 1798.
Vermont Gazette (Bennington, VT). September 8, 1798.
The Green Mountain Patriot (Peacham, VT). September 14, 1798.
The Philadelphia Gazette and Universal Daily Advertiser (Philadelphia, PA). October 24, 1798.
The Virginia Argus (Richmond, VA). November 20, 1798.

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