New York 1814 Assembly, Otsego County

Assembly (State)
New York 1814 Assembly, Otsego County
New York
First Ballot
Arunah Metcalf, Robert Roseboom, Nathaniel Fenton, Lemuel Fitch, Charles Mason, James Hyde, George Pomeroy, Lester Holt, Samuel Griffin, Edward Spicer, Jared Sanford, Jacob Fink, Jabez Spencer, Valentine Brother, Joshua Forman, Joseph Kirkland, Erastus Craft, Abel Deforest
Candidates: Arunah Metcalf[1]Robert Roseboom[2]Nathaniel Fenton[3]Lemuel Fitch[4]Charles MasonJames HydeGeorge PomeroyLester HoltSamuel GriffinEdward SpicerJared SanfordJacob FinkJabez SpencerValentine BrotherJoshua FormanJoseph KirklandErastus CraftAbel Deforest
Final Result: [5][6][7][8][9][10]275227112708269524742428242724254421111111
Otsego County275227112708269524742428242724254421111111
Town of Burlington178178178178125124125124----------
Town of Butternuts198199198193168168167168----------
Town of Cherry Valley188191186188203202198158---11-----
Town of Decatur5656565652525252----------
Town of Edmeston11611511611551515151----------
Town of Exeter8988898871707170----------
Town of Hartwick2052042042041371381381381-1-----11
Town of Laurens116116116116160160160160----------
Town of Maryland10710710710750505050----------
Town of Middlefield1198080802232231822161---------
Town of Milford134134134135118118117118----------
Town of New Lisbon17317317317371717171----------
Town of Otego92929292484848482---------
Town of Otsego226225225225318317314318----------
Town of Pittsfield7271727124252425----------
Town of Plainfield7777777712985129129-4--------
Town of Richfield183183183177133129133133--1--111--
Town of Springfield60606060193193193193----------
Town of Unadilla14414414414465656565----------
Town of Westford10510410410284888887----------
Town of Worcester11411411411451515151----------


[5]The Watch-Tower (Cooperstown, NY), Otsego Herald (Cooperstown, NY), The Columbian (New York, NY), and The Columbian. (For the Country) (New York, NY) report 2753 votes for Arunah Metcalf; however, the sum of totals per town is 2752.
[6]The Watch-Tower (Cooperstown, NY), Otsego Herald (Cooperstown, NY), The Columbian (New York, NY), and The Columbian. (For the Country) (New York, NY) report 2710 votes for Robert Roseboom; however, the sum of totals per town is 2752.
[7]The Watch-Tower (Cooperstown, NY), Otsego Herald (Cooperstown, NY), The Columbian (New York, NY), and The Columbian. (For the Country) (New York, NY) report 2699 votes for Lemuel Fitch; however, the sum of totals per town is 2695.
[8]The Albany Gazette (Albany, NY) reports 2758 votes for Arunah Metcalf, 2710 votes for Robert Roseboom, 2699 votes for Lemuel Fitch, 2425 votes for Charles Mason and 2474 votes for George Pomeroy.
[9]"By the above Canvass, it appears that the republican ticket in this county has succeeded by a larger majority than we have heretofore laid it at. -- Never have the republicans of Otsego done greater honor to themselves than they have at the late election. We trust that they will henceforward remember that it is to unanimous exertions alone that they must look for success. -- We were so thoroughly convinced that this was all that was wanting to ensure a complete triumph, that previous to the election we ventured to predict, that if they would but come forth in the majesty of their strength, they could easily overthrow their political opponents whose tenets were so destructive to the principles that ought steadfastly to be supported by Americans, who have the good of their country at heart." The Watch-Tower (Cooperstown, NY). May 18, 1814.
[10]Jared Sanford, Valentine Brother, Joseph Kirkland, and Joshua Forman were candidates for State Senate.


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The Albany Gazette (Albany, NY). May 12, 1814.
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The Columbian. (For the Country) (New York, NY). May 18, 1814.
The Watch-Tower (Cooperstown, NY). May 18, 1814.

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