New York 1809 Council of Appointment

Council of Appointment (State)
Council of Appointment
New York 1809 Council of Appointment
New York
First Ballot
Council of Appointment/Council of Appointment
James G. Graham, Isaac Kellogg, Alexander Rea, Jonathan Ward, Elisha Barlow, Ezra L'Hommedieu, John Nicholas, Jacob Snell, David Hopkins, Silvanus Smalley, DeWitt Clinton, William W. Gilbert, Nathaniel Locke
Candidates: James G. Graham[1]Isaac Kellogg[2]Alexander Rea[3]Jonathan Ward[4]Elisha BarlowEzra L'HommedieuJohn NicholasJacob SnellDavid HopkinsSilvanus SmalleyDeWitt ClintonWilliam W. GilbertNathaniel Locke
Final Result: [5][6][7][8][9]6262626242393530114111
Assembly of the State of New York6262626242393530114111


[5]Jonathan Ward was elected for the Southern district, James G. Graham was elected for the Middle district, Isaac Kellogg was elected for the Eastern district, and Alexander Rea was elected for the Western district.
[6]Ezra L'Hommedieu, William W. Gilbert, and DeWitt Clinton ran unsuccessfully for the Southern district; Elisha Barlow ran unsuccessfully for the Middle district; Jacob Snell and David Hopkins ran unsuccessfully for the Eastern district; John Nicholas, Silvanus Smalley, and Nathaniel Locke ran unsuccessfully for the Western division.
[7]"Resolved, That Jonathan Ward, one of the senators from the southern district, James G. Graham, one of the senators from the middle district; Isaac Kellogg, one of the senators from the eastern district, and Alexander Rea, one of the senators from the western district, be and they are hereby nominated and appointed, according to the form and effect of the article of the constitution in such case made and provided, a council for the appointment of all officers within this state, other than those who, by the constitution, are directed to be otherwise chosen or appointed." Council of Appointments, January 27, 1809. Journal of the New York Assembly. Solomon Southwick, Printer to the State: Albany. 1808. 73.
[8]Some of the candidates supported by the Federalists were Republican.
[9]"Albany, Jan. 31...On Friday Last, the House of Assembly proceeded to the choice of a Council of Appointment for the ensuing year, when the following was the result of the nomination, viz:...The four first named gentlemen were chosen, and are firmly Republican." New-York Herald (New York, NY). February 8, 1809.


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